Windows Insiders comes up with the upcoming features on its platform’s. And the latest build of them is that it shows Android Notifications in Windows 10. All the users of Windows will now have access to the updates coming from Android devices which were made possible with Windows 10’s Anniversary edition upgrade.

And now it’s easy to sign up for the Windows Insider Program so that you be on the Windows Update Fast Track to get this feature. So do not worry about your notifications getting overload for you can set up send alerts for the required apps and get Android device on desktop.

Once you set up the streaming experience between two devices you can then browse the web, use apps, send emails, and perform other tasks on your smartphone by switching seamlessly between your PC and tasks.

How to Mirror Android Notifications in Windows 10?

Before we begin with the method of enabling notifications first let us on how to get your phone connected to your Windows 10 PC for alerts. So follow the steps given below.

Step 1- On your PC, press the Windows Key. Or click the Windows Start menu button.

Step 2- Next, search for Settings or click on the gear icon. This will open the Settings app.

Step 3- Click on the Phone option available within the Settings app.

Step 4- Now, click the Add a phone option.

Step 5- You will be prompted to enter your phone number.

Step 6- After you have entered your phone number, you will receive a text message on your device.

Step 7- Open the text message and click on the given link. It will take you to the Microsoft Launcher app.

Step 8- Install the app. Finally, open it.

Step 9- Once the installation of the app is done on your Android smartphone, tap Get Started.

Step 10- Go through the customization options.

Step 11- Now sign in to the Microsoft account that you use on your PC.

Step 12- You will now see your phone appear on your PC in the Your Phone area under the settings menu.

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How to Get Alerts of Android on Windows 10?

Once you have successfully linked your Android smartphone to Windows 10 PC, you can do a lot of things. And the easiest way to get smartphone notifications on your Windows 10 PC is by installing the Microsoft Cortana app via the Google Play Store. Follow these steps to install Cortana and then set up notifications.

Step 1- Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

Step 2- Search for Cortana.

Step 3- Install Microsoft Cortana. Once it is installed, open Cortana

Step 4- Tap the three-menu button on the top right, then tap Settings.

Step 5- Under the settings menu, tap Cross-Device.

Step 6- Now tap to turn on notifications for a missed call, incoming messages, and low battery.

Step 7- You can also choose App Notification Sync and get app notifications for all of your apps.

Step 8- Give Cortana the notification access.

Step 9- Once done, tap the back button. Choose which apps you would like to sync your notifications for.

Finally, all your chosen app notifications are now synced to your PC.

You can also proceed with the same process by using an alternative app as Your Phone app. Simply, download it from the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC. The app is completely free and can be accessed at this link.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, reading this article on how to link Android smartphone with Windows 10 will be helpful for you. This seems to be an interesting feature that came with the Windows 10 update. So try it and let us know how fun it was using it.

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