Business parks are extremely useful locations and premises; they afford so many conveniences for businesses, from great parking options to bigger spaces for less money and fantastic distribution and delivery access, there are definite benefits to setting your business up on a business park.

However, sometimes they can get a little lost on the map, as they don’t typically benefit from a lot of passing footfall. This means that some businesses struggle to promote their brand name and drive new business. Our guide could help put your business park company on the map.

Airdancers Liven Up Your Location

An air dancer is the wiggling, waving blow up tube with a happy smiling face, welcoming customers to car dealerships and otherwise undiscerning businesses for decades. They fell out of fashion for a while, but as consumer trends return to the nostalgic, retro, and offline options, air dancers are a fantastic option for drawing attention to your business again.

Air dancers become a landmark. Their movement and friendly appearance are appealing and suitable for so many businesses. You don’t need a big plot in order to set them up, and they are also extremely cheap to buy and maintain.

Literally, Put Yourself On The Map

If you are looking to attract more business in your local area, it’s important to maintain a Google My Business profile. You can list your business address and a short description of the goods and services you provide.

This means when customers near you search for similar services, they’ll discover your brand and your address. It’s important for conversions to have all the contact information listed, ensuring that customers can get in touch at their convenience.

From here, you can also manage your location and create a pin on maps for your business. This means when people are browsing the map app on their phones, or search for a local business, you’ve got even more chances of appearing to consumers.

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Take Advantage Of Technology

Advertising online can be expensive. Whether you do have ongoing SEO, paid advertising efforts or nothing at all, it’s invaluable for you to have a Facebook profile, particularly for local businesses. Complete the entire profile, with all fields, to maximize visibility.

Obviously, this is completely free to do and does not incur any ad-spend. However, you can encourage your local customers to recommend you. Facebook installed a feature in which people can post – on community groups or just on their profile with a ‘looking for recommendations’ tag. Their friends can then recommend businesses they trust and have used before.

This is a great way to build a positive and technologically-evolved word-of-mouth image. It’s still true that consumers are more likely to trust recommendations of people they know, over placements in magazines and paid-for ads. This can be a long game, but it is completely free and can deliver fantastic results over time.

Keep It Simple & Sleek With Signage

Signage on your business seems like a simple suggestion. However, you might just have a small sign above your door. Perhaps it’s been damaged or stained over time, and your shop front is looking a little shabby. Not only are unkempt shop fronts a deterrent from customers considering your services, but they also make your business a little more ignorable. In a world full of saturated markets, this is a huge mistake.

Simply updating your signage, and maybe making it more standout, can draw eyes to your business. It’s important to ensure the redesign accurately represents your business, too. You might consider commissioning a graphic designer and commit to a bigger brand re-launch to really push on business.

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