Increased productivity is a key element for any person who wants to do more with their life, perhaps at work or perhaps in personal projects. Productivity is highly dependent on the state of flow you enter after starting work. If you can maintain this state of flow for as long as possible, as long as it is necessary to perform certain tasks, then the chances of being very efficient and wasting as little time increase significantly.

The flow state can be defined as a state in which you do not feel that you are working or tired while doing various activities. The state of flow is accessible to anyone, for any kind of activity, provided that the triggers of the state have been discovered and exploited to the maximum.

1. Always work in the same place

If you have the privilege of working outside an office every day, it is recommended that you discover the place where you are very pleased to stay and work uninterruptedly for good hours. It could be the home office, a cafe or space in a garden. You will know that you have discovered that place when you feel the need to come back every day, to open the laptop and get to work, accessing the flow state. Find yourself such a place and take advantage of the flow state it can provide you.

2. Work as far as possible at the same time intervals

Set yourself a daily time interval that you will devote to the uninterrupted work that will allow you to perform the tasks that you propose and which will be flexible, but which will start, as much as possible, at the same time every day.

Thus, in sync with a place that allows you to enter the flow state, this program will provide you with efficiency and discipline in your work. The more consistent you are in observing this interval, the more your brain will become accustomed to working at full capacity between those hours, and you will enjoy increased productivity.

It is very important to find an interval that suits you, for example, 3-4 hours in the morning, after physical training, or maybe 3-4 hours in the afternoon or evening. Once you find what works for you and get your brain used to working at full capacity during that time, it will become easier to tick off the tasks on your list day by day.

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3. Create a ritual

Rituals (largely associated with the routine created by a habit), facilitate access to the flow state and give you countless benefits. A ritual can be to order your favorite coffee, then open your laptop and immerse yourself in your work and by default in the flow state.

Another custom may be to read a few pages of a book that inspires you and then take on the tasks set. In addition, a routine may be to relax for a few minutes, play some easy games like the ones from an online casino, which can be played even on mobile devices from wherever you are.

Nowadays it is even easier to have some fun by playing slots or poker, being one of the most relaxing ways to spend your time, even for 5 minutes, just enough to free your mind from everyday stress. A daily ritual can be to clearly visualize the results you want to achieve and then focus on your work.

A ritual can be a combination of all those mentioned. Experiment, have fun and find out what works for you. Make this a ritual of yours that will be a trigger for your brain to enter the state of flow and work to its full potential when you set it.

The best part is that the rituals do not depend on places or intervals, so you will be able to use the huge advantage it offers whenever or wherever it is needed.

4. Listen to sounds that allow you to focus

We recently discovered this method and fell in love with it. For the first time, you will be amazed by the prolonged time in which you will be able to concentrate uninterruptedly on what you will have to do and notice how much you will actually achieve after good hours.

Rain sounds, for example, are our favorite. They are soothing and they help in focusing, plus they act as an external noise isolator, protecting you from such disruptive factors.

You can have them on your phone or tablet and listen to them whenever you work, read or want to relax. Their versatility and power are incredible. We invite you to discover your favorite sounds and play with them.

We think you realized that a key factor in increasing productivity is finding the things that suit you, those triggers of the flow state, after which you will enjoy the extraordinary benefits and increased productivity!

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