A World Championship is always guaranteed to raise the profile of any sport, and that’s certainly been the case with snooker. Throughout April and early May, the best queen in the sport will be battling to win the top prize.

While snooker clubs exist worldwide, finding a table is not always easy. The question of accessibility has threatened the future of many sports, but can video games fill a void?

The Top Snooker Stars

Ronnie O’Sullivan at Snooker German Ma” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by AndLikeThings

Ronnie, ‘the Rocket’ O’Sullivan, was the man to beat ahead of the 2023 World Snooker Championship. After a comfortable first-round win, those that follow snooker betting with Paddy Power would find the defending champion as the +333 favorite for the title.

With Judd Trump eliminated at the first hurdle, one of O’Sullivan’s major challenges has fallen. In Trump’s absence, anyone looking to bet on snooker world championship markets will find Mark Selby and Neil Robertson as the closest challengers at odds of +550.

There will be more sporting drama to follow at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, but can video games offer a pathway into professional snooker?

Best Snooker Games

For many consumers, the best cue sports simulation games include Snooker 19, Cue Club, 8-Ball Snooker Arcade, Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker, and WSC Real 11. Each offers something different while adhering to the true concept of the sport itself.

The WSC titles focus on the snooker World Championship. There is the option for players to take on their friends, or they can find simulations for matches against the top understanding. Even the great Ronnie O’Sullivan is waiting to play a few frames in virtual form.

Other titles are solo affairs, a case of the player taking on the computer. Each option on the list of top snooker games works differently, but can they help you improve your play style?

Can the Professionals Benefit from Video Play?

Whether today’s snooker professionals spend too much time on their consoles is debatable. It’s almost certain that many will engage in gaming during their downtime, but practice will involve time at a physical snooker table.

For young players learning the sport, snooker games could conceivably have some advantages. Playing the game to an expert level involves mastery of angles and speed. These elements are covered by titles such as 8-Ball Snooker Arcade and many more.

Aiming for the Big League

Snooker table ready to play” (CC BY 2.0) by Ben Sutherland

The World Championship is the tournament that every snooker player wants to aim for. Only the top 16 in the sport are guaranteed a place in Sheffield, and several high-profile players failed to make it through qualifying this year.

Viewing numbers peak during the final, and it’s a fitting way to end another thrilling season.

Regarding video play leading to a spot at the top snooker table, there will never be a complete replacement for physical practice. However, there may just be elements of the biggest-selling titles that could help young and emerging players to develop their games.

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