Sony has been gaining market share in the camcorder market and sales have been improving over the last few months helped in part by a cheaper Yen. They remain highly committed in the prosumer camcorder segment and have been putting in much research and innovation in improving their flagship models.

Their 2013 flagship camcorder Sony HDR-PJ790V. It replaces last year’s HDR-PJ760V. It records at full 1080P 24.1-megapixel high definition video with an improved Exmor R CMOS sensor.

Sony HDR-PJ790V
Sony HDR-PJ790V

It comes with improved specs like Balanced Optical SteadyShot stabilization, a 10x optical zoom, 96GB of internal memory, GPS, manual control, 60p/60i/24p frame rates, and an optical viewfinder. Sony is still the only brand offering a built-in projector. The new model’s built-in projector is much brighter as Sony has upped the lumens to 35. Also added is an input so that the projector can play video from other devices and not just video from the memory card. Its 96GB of flash memory stores a massive 38 hours of recording which is more than adequate even for a long vacation.

The audio portion has also been updated with a multi-interface shoe, and HDMI connector and mic capable of 5.1-channel recording.

You can even use your smartphones and tablets as a remote control for the PJ790V if you buy the optional ADP-WL1M1 Wi-Fi adapter. It also allows you to instantly share your videos and photos online, or conveniently backup all your videos and photos on your PC. It’s a great option to have.

The Sony HDR-PJ790V retails for $1599.99. A full review will follow.

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