One of the most attractive hardware features of the Garmin Montana 650T is the 4″ screen. That’s not all, the screen which is more than twice the size of the Oregon series is recessed giving it additional protection for clumsy individuals like myself.

Visibility in terms of how well you can see the screen display is better than the Garmin Oregon x50 series. With the display on a lower resolution, users can see clearer what is on the screen.

The next interesting function of the Montana 650T is the screen rotation. It follows you 3 ways but not 4. Just like an iPhone, the screen rotates between portrait and landscape flawlessly. The benefits of the landscape mode allows you to see all the long way-point names.

Here is a picture of the camera screen and the rear of the GPS unit. The 5-megapixel camera is pretty clear and handy and might even outperform any point-and-shoot camera you might have. With a geotagging function, you can associate the photo to your location.

Garmin Montana 650T Screen
Garmin Montana 650T Screen
Garmin Montana 650T Camera
Garmin Montana 650T Camera

This Garmin Montana can be used as a regular Nuvi GPS unit as well giving it a dual use. When coupled with a Garmin mount with an external speaker and City Navigator maps, this handy GPS can deliver spoken directions. You will be able to swap it to the “nuvi” mode to get the same experience as you will a Garmin Nuvi will. Now, you can have a 2 in one GPS to provide both handheld and turn-by-turn on the road GPS unit.

Always being greeted upon start-up to brighten your day, the Montana boasts a touchscreen input allowing you to drag and drop icons between the App Drawer and the Main Menu.

Last but not least, a few simple handy tricks of Garmin GPS. Tap the power button on most Garmins for a shortcut to adjust the backlight, see the signal strength, time of the day and battery status. For the Montana however, greater functionality of this shortcut has been added to allow you access to Display setup for screenshots and more. Neat trick indeed.

Here is the full Garmin Montana 650T review for detailed specifications!

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