Marketing is everywhere and it intends to promote goods and services. An effective marketing essay can produce profits for a company or business. Companies can boost their profits with the help of effective marketing. Marketing essays are a way of attending to the wants and needs of customers. If you’re looking for the ultimate guide on how to write an essay about marketing, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on below and start writing that essay with Collegewriter help!

What is a Marketing Essay?

A marketing essay focuses on identifying consumers’ needs and expounding methodologies to address them. There are four important principles of marketing. The four P’s of marketing are Pricing, Product, Placement, and Promotion. As you write your marketing essay, these four factors must be taken into consideration to develop and propose a successful marketing strategy. Solid market research and knowledge about different forces affecting a given market are important. Writing an essay with solid marketing principles and an organized outline will capture a reader’s attention and can convince them to follow your proposed marketing strategy.

Creating a Marketing Essay Outline

An outline is an important part of an essay because it serves as the backbone of your whole writing. The outline is divided into different sections with information and notes for each. The outline or framework serves as the blueprint of your essay. This part of the essay is important because it helps your arguments, ideas, and information to be held in an organized manner. It also contributes to a clear, organized, and strong essay. The framework comprises the summarized points of your literature review. It is better to read a well-planned essay than a messy and disorganized piece of writing.

The outline must include any information about an existing framework and it should apply to business places in an economy. Adding relevant case studies to the framework will also help defend your main idea or argument.

Marketing Essay Structure

The general structure of a marketing essay consists of

  • Beginning/Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion or culmination.

Every idea must be discussed in a paragraph and after introducing the idea, you should offer more insights about it.

Starting Your Marketing Essay

With a well-planned outline or framework, you can easily start your marketing essay. A lot of writers find it difficult to commence an essay due to poor planning of their outline. Be sure to stick to the points dictated in your outline. Introduce the reader to the main idea before going into the body of the discussion. It is important to have a suitable introduction before going into the main issue so that the reader will be hooked on your essay.

Writing the Introduction

The introduction must be catchy and captivating. It needs to hook readers so that they will be interested in your writing. Introductions must stimulate curiosity and capture an audience’s attention. After writing your introduction, you can write your thesis statement. The thesis statement is a sentence that provides a general overview of what the marketing essay is all about. Adding additional insights in the first paragraphs help convey the main idea of the whole essay.

Writing the Body Section of Your Essay

The body section of your marketing essay consists of paragraphs supporting your marketing point of view. It consists of all the relevant information and details in a convincing way and also includes your personal opinions.

You can follow this structure for your marketing essay body;

  • Topic Sentence

Each paragraph must have a single idea and the topic sentence’s job is to introduce it.

  • Explanation

The explanation provides a few sentences about the topic and expounds ideas and opinions.

  • Evidence

Evidence is where all your information sources come and it is where the ideas are backed up with proof. It is important to cite all of your sources in this part.

  • Remarks

The remark or comment part explains how your evidence supports or reinforces your claims.

  • Link or Summary

It sums up the main idea of the paragraph and shows how it is important to the bigger picture of your essay.

Writing Your Marketing Essay Conclusion

The conclusion restates the thesis statement and convinces the reader that your marketing strategy will yield significant results. It sums up your argument and explains the value of your research. It is also expected in your conclusion that you are offering recommendations to solve the problems discussed in the essay. Recap all the points that you have discussed and give a quick summary of the ideas presented. Don’t repeat most of the details and state the benefits of adopting your suggested marketing methods.

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