The latest episode of The Good Doctor titled “Influence” saw the budding relationship between Lea and Shaun, as Carly tackles with their attachment. The two are taking their relationship forward and in the meantime, Morgan’s condition is worsening. All these situations are taking a toll at different levels, and so the upcoming episode will

The latest episode of The Good Doctor titled “Unsaid” will air on 17 February, Monday. Check out the spoilers here.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14 Written Update

The episode “Influence” began with an early morning romantic interlude between Shaun and Carly due to which they get late for work. Later he attends a patient named Kayley who comes in with a sore throat. The patient finds Shaun interesting and after knowing that he has autism she clicks a picture with him. Shaun consults his patient with Morgan and Marcus. And then goes to Kayley along with Morgan to inform her that 37 more tests will confirm her condition. This upsets Kayley and she gets a stroke. However, the doctor saves her.

Later they come to know that Kayley is an influencer as some of her fans come and click pictures with Shaun. Soon, Shaun and Carly have lunch together when Shaun tells her about Lea and that he is helping her find a job. Carly seems to be upset about it. And so she tells Shaun that she is jealous, but will work out.

The Good Doctor S03E14- “Influence” Recap

While Shaun and Carly sort out things, Alex attends to another patient who reports of severe abdominal pain. The patient is a single mother and so Claire makes arrangements for her child. The little girl tells Claire that her mommy drank her poop and so she is not well.

However, things get severe as the little girl freaks out and passes out. She too has a heart attack. But the doctors save her life. Aaron interviews Lea and tells her straight that he is doing it for Shaun and is not interested in hiring her. But Lea proves her worth and changes his mind.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 15 Spoilers

More relationship drama is going to come your way with the upcoming episode of The Good Doctor. This season has purely focused on the relationship between Shaun and Carly, their intimacy issues and Lea’s friendship with Shaun. Carly is having a hard time accepting their friendship, which will lead to insecurity. And so its time Shaun thinks from her point of view. But will he? According to the official synopsis released, Shaun believes that Carly will be fine with his relationship with Lea.

The Good Doctor S03E15- “Unsaid” Spoilers

Apart from the relationship drama, the upcoming episode titled “Unsaid” will also focus on some medical cases. The team will be treating a young boy who has the problem of the full-formed trachea, as a result of which he cannot speak. The team feels that he will be a good candidate for the experimental process.

Wrapping Up

So guys don’t forget to tune in to ABC at 10 PM EST on Monday, 17 February to watch the “Unsaid” episode.

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