It is truly no exaggeration to say that pretty much everybody loves online slots in 2020; the numbers just do not lie! The UK online slot industry alone is hitting revenue peaks that go into their billions nowadays, something that means that there is a hell of a lot online slot gamblers out there at the moment. And anyway, who can blame them? 2020 slots are only getting better and better, with a constantly updated back-catalog that takes in hundreds of different themes and consistent improvements in graphics, bonus features, and a lot more. We wonder whether Charles D. Fey would have ever predicted the success of slot machines after he came through with the Liberty Bell slot machine back in the late 1800s.

Even for us, slot gambling experts from Wizard Slots think that it seems pretty crazy and unbelievable when you think about the extent of the online slot industry’s success over the years.

But here’s the thing: when you think about is there actually any surprise at how popular online UK slots have become? These games give people the chance to win quite a large amount of money, and you don’t even have to have any particular skills to be in with a chance of winning an online slots jackpot either.

Moreover, in the 21st Century, you don’t even have to visit a casino to spin the reels on UK slots, with millions of people doing it from the comfort of their own home every year. Online slots are undeniably the most popular gambling avenue in the 21st Century, and this fact also means that there is a hell of a lot of supposed tactics to do in order to win more money. Unfortunately, a lot of these turn out to be false, so we have compiled a list of things that you are going to want to avoid when playing online UK slots. Keep reading to find out!

Avoid playing online UK slots without knowing what you’re doing

This one seems like its common sense doesn’t it? But in reality, you would be surprised to see the amount of first-time slot gamblers who jump on an online slot without a clue what they’re doing and still expect to win a handsome prize. Although UK online slots aren’t the hardest or most complex thing to pick up, you still need to know a few of the basics, or you will quickly find yourself losing a lot more money than you are making.

So make sure you get to grips with some basic online slot vocabulary and know roughly how the game you are playing works, it will save you a lot of money in the long run, believe us.

Avoid jumping into a UK slot too quickly

Another thing to avoid, especially as a slot gambling beginner, is picking a UK online slot to play too quickly, as this can often mean that you haven’t done enough reading about the game in question. Whilst they are all pretty similar, there are certain games that will pay out more than others, for example.

Moreover, unfortunately, the standard of online slot out there isn’t always going to be incredible, and you don’t want to be stuck playing a game that you just aren’t enjoying. Avoid making a decision too quickly on what game to play, therefore, a little research can go a long way.

Avoid dodgy online casino sites

This one sounds like a no-brainer, and indeed it is. It is imperative that you do your best to avoid any dodgy online casino sites because if you do not you could end up a victim of financial fraud.

Most popular online casino sites are fine, particularly because UK gambling regulations are so strict and well policed. It is still worth being careful, however, especially of smaller online casino sites that seem to be offer deals that are too good to be true.

Avoid online UK slots with low RTP rating

This fact goes back to what we were saying about now jumping straight into the first online UK slot you see because each title is slightly different and will give varying chances of success. RTP is a crucial piece of information to consider here, as it can give you a realistic idea of how likely it is for a particular slot to pay out or not.

Return To Player is given as a percentage that shows you the average amount that a gambler can expect to see back from his stake whilst playing a particular online slot game. You should be avoiding any games that fall under the 96% mark, although this does not apply to progressive jackpot online slots.

Avoid using betting systems like the Martingale

You might have heard positive things about the Martingale strategy, but seriously believe us when you say you will want to stay well away from it. It is a betting system that is devised to make it easy for you to recoup any losses you might have made, however in reality it just makes it even easier to fully deplete your bankroll.

The system works on the premise that you double your bet after every losing one, but in practice, it will just leave you even worse for wear.

Avoid playing online UK Slots without a strict set budget

This is a very important point, and one that many people don’t realize is so important until its too late. It is crucial that you set a strict budget before each online slot session you embark on because if you do not you will find yourself overspending very easily indeed.

If you set a strict budget you know when you need to stop gambling, and is also protect things like your life savings that you really don’t want to be gambling with.

Avoid online UK slots with a heavy amount of cut scenes

UK online slots with lots of cut scenes can look cool, but the reality is that these games will often pay out less than the more simple ones.

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