Lil Durk is a popular American rapper whose net worth is estimated at about $8 million as of November 2022. He is a talented artist who sometimes has legal troubles but still manages to keep on track.

His career started in 2013, but it took some time until the audience recognized his talent.

Like many other popular stars, he was publishing his work on social media, hoping someone would notice him. And he was right because his fans now can’t wait to buy Lil Durk tickets for his concerts or his singles or albums.

Even though he doesn’t have many activities recently, the audience always wants to know more about him. So, we decided to include a few interesting facts about Lil Durk in this article:

1. He Dropped Out of School to Take Care of his Baby

Lil Durk is known for the fact he became a father at 17 but was pretty dedicated to his baby. Soon enough, he decided to join a Chicago street gang and even was arrested a few times with gun charges.

Today, Lil Durk has six children, and he’s currently engaged to his girlfriend, India Royale.

2. He is a Muslim

Not many people know Lil Durk is a Muslim. He is proud of his religious views and appreciates all the rules according to Islam. But it wasn’t long ago when he named himself the “Allah of Chicago,” which is forbidden in this religion.

Muslims aren’t allowed to identify as Allah or any other religious figure because they believe there is only one God to whom they are loyal.

3. His Musical Journey was Quite Challenging

Like many other rappers, he published his work on social media, especially My Space. Many others are still doing it through platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

Even though many were aware of his talent, no one took him seriously, so Lil Durk wasn’t that lucky to sign with some record label.

Instead, he decided to do something braver no one believed he could do. At some point, Lil Durk started working on his public image and eventually launched his own record label.

Luckily, it resulted in global success, ensuring he had enough money to continue recording. So, he can thank his strength to pull himself together and become an artist who sells thousands of Lil Durk concert tickets every time he announces a live gig.

4. His Father is on a Lifetime Prison Sentence

Or maybe we must highlight the fact that his father served two consecutive lifetime prison sentences without a chance to be released.

Also, Lil Durk has a few supportive relatives, like his young brother DThang, and his cousin MacArthur Swindle who was murdered in 2014.

Still, his mother and some of his siblings are very supportive of what he does, no matter if he decides to raise another child or schedules a series of Lil Durk concerts in a short period.

5. He Got 6 Children in 10 Years

Lil Durk got his first baby at the age of 17 and dropped out of school. Also, until he was 27, he got six children with different partners.

Even though there are many children, he manages to support every one of them, giving them proper care and enough money to grow happy.

He got two of his six children with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Covone. His youngest daughter is with his current fiancee in India. He has three children in between, named Zayden, Du’mier, and Skyler, but their mothers are unknown to the public.

6. So Many Legal Troubles in His Life

Lil Durk may be one of the rappers with the largest musical influence, but he still has some legal troubles in his life. We can say that many rappers have criminal records, and Lil Durk is no exception.

In 2011 he spent three months in jail, and now he has about five felony charges. Can you imagine one of the beings attempting murder? It seems like Lil Durk can’t control himself and maintain proper discipline. Still, he believes every penalty was paid on time, and he can have a calmer life from now on.

Final Words

We are almost used to rappers having a dynamic life full of troubles but also interesting moments. Lil Durk is an example of how you can have a troubled childhood and youth and still build success from him and his name. Furthermore, he remains one of the best rappers on the music scene.

We suggest you don’t miss his concerts and buy tickets in time. Lil Durk is one of those artists that you should listen to at least once in your life. After that, we’re sure you’ll want to go to his concerts whenever you get the chance.

So, get to know Lil Durk better, learn more about his private troubles, and find a few favorite songs to sing loud at the next concert.

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