There are some casino games that are entirely down to luck, while others also require a degree of skill. Poker is an example of the latter – luck dictates the cards you are dealt, but the way you play them influences whether you win or lose. Roulette is at the opposite extreme. All you can do is place your bet and hope to get lucky where the ball stops.

On the face of it, playing slot games is closer to roulette than poker. All you can do is spin the reels and hope. That’s true to a certain extent, and there’s nothing you can do to influence the reels. However, there are still strategies you can adopt to make the gameplay more rewarding and to make the best use of your bankroll.

Really get to know the games

There are hundreds of slot games out there, but if you play a different one every time, you’ll never get to know any of them. Today’s video slots are nuanced, and it takes time to understand how features like wilds and scatters affect play, what triggers the bonuses, etc. If you don’t fully understand the game, you won’t make smart decisions on gambling or collecting, increasing your wager, and so on. To take a popular example, if you want to know how to win a Buffalo Gold slot machine, read a player guide and some reviews, then ideally find a platform where you can have a few spins in demo mode before you get started in earnest.

Choose a game that matches your bankroll

So which game or games will you focus on? People often look at RTP, but from a bankroll perspective, volatility is more important. If you’re a $20 bankroll, look for a low volatility game that will pay out little and often. Starburst is a popular example, and Buffalo Gold, which we just mentioned is low to medium. If you’re a $200 bankroll, a high volatility game like Immortal Romance might be more attractive to you. $20 to $40 might disappear for little or no reward, but with the bankroll to play on, when the payouts happen, they are usually larger.

Always look out for bonuses

Bonuses come with conditions attached, so always read these closely to avoid disappointment later when you think you’ve got a big win. But in short, there’s nothing to lose by making use of bonuses. Extra money and free spins mean more opportunities to win, and even a win with strings attached is better than no win at all!

Be ready to bet big on jackpot slots

Some players like to just have a couple of spins on a jackpot slot to round things off. It’s a little like buying a lotto ticket, in terms of both the reward and the odds of winning. Be aware that to even be eligible for that multimillion progressive jackpot, most games demand that you wager the maximum stake.

Play for fun, not gain

Even with the occasional jackpot payout in the millions, the house always wins in the long run. Playing slot games is something we spend money on doing for fun. Approach the game from that perspective, and the whole experience becomes more rewarding. Once you’ve narrowed things down from the volatility perspective, choose a game you like the look of, and enjoy yourself.

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