Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Housing a city population of over 300,000, and an urban area covering over 600,000, it’s the biggest city in the country, and in constant evolution. The city is bursting with rich history, making it one of the most visited tourist spots in the world.

While millions of people visit Belfast every year, others fall in love with the city and decide to set up home. If you’re unsure of what steps to take, here are a few reasons why Belfast is a fantastic city to make your home, according to Tom Smyth Belfast, managing director of Dream Apartments.

Great Accommodation

When compared with other capital cities in the world, Belfast truly stands out thanks to its low cost of living. Tom Smyth actually contributed to that with Dream Apartments. Whether you’re on a strict budget, or you have the cash to splash, you will get more for your money in Belfast in terms of accommodation than anywhere else. If you’re looking for long-term relocation, there are plenty of houses and apartments to choose from in Belfast’s city centre and beyond.

Job Opportunities

As Belfast’s living costs are much lower than other capital cities, many investors see the city as a great opportunity in terms of trade and business. If you’re an up and coming professional, the city centre houses dozens of commercialized businesses and office buildings. Alongside the renewable energy field and tourism, there are plenty of career opportunities that you can embark on when living in Belfast. Tom Smyth of Dream Apartments says that the corporate market in the city is “buoyant”, and this is one of the reasons why their serviced apartments have become so popular.

Great Education

Thousands of students from across the globe descend on Belfast every year, thanks to their fantastic educational facilities. The city plays host to two universities: Queens University and Ulster University, the former being one of the most highly respected institutions throughout the United Kingdom and ranking highly on score tables.

Friendly Locals

If you are not from Northern Ireland and are hesitant to make the big move, you will be happy to know that the Belfast locals are friendly and welcoming. Relocating is hard enough without worrying about whether you will make friends. Tom says that Northern Ireland as a whole is a warm and forthcoming country, meaning you shouldn’t have too much trouble in terms of expanding your social circle.

Fantastic History and Attractions

Wherever you walk in Belfast’s city centre, prepare to feast your eyes on breath-taking landmarks and fantastic attractions. Once moving to the city, you must check out Titanic Belfast which is known as the planet’s biggest Titanic visitor experience, a big favourite of Tom Smyth himself. You can shop at St George’s Market, immerse yourself in the Cathedral Quarter, and take a trip to Belfast Castle too.

If you have decided to relocate and are after a city with all the above, Belfast may be the perfect destination for your forever home. With spectacular views, thriving job prospects, and a city engulfed in history, there is so much to see and do when working and living in Northern Ireland’s capital.

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