All-natural wipes provide many benefits that cannot be gotten from conventional wipes. Besides offering advantages like biodegradability, being hypoallergenic, and being especially soft on the skin, all-natural wipes also provide organic benefits that are good for the skin thanks to the organic products they are made of. Below are three organic skin benefits you stand to enjoy when you use all-natural wipes.

Helps Improve Moisture Content

One of the many benefits that come with all-natural wipes is the fact that they help enhance the skin’s moisture content. The reason is that they contain coconut oil, a product used by many skincare brands to help improve different skin conditions. Coconut oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal elements that can help in fighting different skin diseases, such as ringworm, dermatitis, itches, athlete’s foot, rashes, and more.

Coconut oil also helps in minimizing the growth of bacteria by stopping its cellular process. It also minimizes the symptoms of eczema and contains multiple antioxidants, including vitamin E, which helps soften the skin and protects the skin’s cells from damage among other benefits.

Helps Minimize Redness and Inflammation

Manuka honey is another organic element found in many all-natural wipes. Native to Australia and New Zealand, manuka honey is home to an active compound known as methylglyoxal. This compound provides all-natural wipes with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. It also comes with antioxidants that help repair the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize pigmentation.

Methylglyoxal is a compound that’s used in many skin care products that offer soothing and healing benefits to the skin thanks to its ability to reduce skin inflammation and redness. These benefits are some of the reasons why many medical products, such as bandages, contain manuka honey as it can help prevent infections while enhancing skin healing.

Manuka honey also helps keep the skin hydrated. Using all-natural wipes made with manuka honey will help enhance your skin and keep it hydrated while protecting it from viruses and bacteria.

Offers Skin Soothing Effects and Balances pH

All-natural wipes often contain many skin-soothing compounds since they’re often used by nursing mothers and babies. Some of the skin-soothing ingredients you’re likely to find in all-natural wipes include chamomile extract, glycerin extracted from vegetables, and betaine gotten from sugar beets. To make things even better, ingredients such as betaine help keep skin irritation at bay, ensuring that you and your baby remain comfortable while using your wipes.

Also, many all-natural wipes are endowed with grapefruit extract and tetrasodium citrate. These two elements work together to provide the skin with the right pH balance, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and free of infections.


All-natural wipes are a lot better than conventional wipes. Besides the fact that you’d be able to keep your skin and surfaces clean, these wipes also provide you with excellent skin health benefits that ensure the smoothness and lushness of your skin. You and your baby’s skin won’t have to deal with viruses and bacteria or be exposed to harsh chemicals.

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