If you wanted to start trading four or five years ago, you would fail to find the crypto advice from professional traders for affordable prices.

Now the situation is different, and the crypto market offers the possibility to trade even for complete beginners. Despite everything looking very bright and easy, the process of searching for the legit crypto signals channel can be very challenging.


During the last years, people made their lives easier, that is why a lot of things are upgraded, big companies hire app developers to improve the communications.

The same thing is about crypto trading – more and more features entering the market, and it became easier to purchase this or that service, and the possibility to be the victim of scammers is higher.

You need to know that 90% of crypto signals Telegram channels are scammers.

As you may know, for profitable crypto trading you need to have (in case you are going to trade with the help of crypto predictions):

The third part is optional but the first two of them are very important.

So, what to do to find the trusted crypto channel?

You can combine all the steps I will tell you about later if you find the crypto listing platform with checked channels, so you will be able to go through approved ones and choose the best for you.

In case you want to check everything on your own, here are the steps you are about to follow.

  • Go through the public channel.

Every VIP group has the public channel behind it, and this gives us the opportunity to check a bit. At first, I advise you to look for the free signals and check if they are profitable. Anyway, if you find the free signals, it will mean that the channel has chances to be legit.

Then, this public channel can show us if the admins like to promote different services in their groups.

You can think like:

And? Ads are okay – we live in the world of promotions.

And you are right! I would be glad if crypto channels would promote useful services but not scam coins or bots that will steal all the money on your account.

The last point about the public channel is its activity. If the info is posted 1 time per week, it will mean that the situation is the same as the VIP channel.

  • Communication

When you talk to the people, you always pay attention to the way they communicate, right? If they are rude, you will probably not continue the conversation.

The same thing is with crypto channels admins. If the admin sends you short answers to your questions when it is better to explain everything properly, you will better look for another channel.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that these people will scam you, but when you need the proper answer to your question during trades and you don’t get it, it will affect your profits.


In crypto trading every detail is important.

  • Results

Every legit channel can offer the results of its trades.

So if you ask the admin to provide the results for the last month and he doesn’t send it for no reason, it can be the red flag for you.

Also, there are channels that make fake results.

What does it mean?

They can delete the signals that didn’t bring profit.

They can set higher profits than real ones.

And! Most of the channels show their results compared to the situation when you use 100% of your capital in EVERY deal. So, when you see that the monthly profit is 600%, don’t be amazed – you should understand that you will invest a maximum of 10% in each deal, so you will get 60%, not 600%.

It doesn’t mean they want to scam you – you just don’t need to exaggerate your future plans.

  • Pricing

Every channel has its own prices, and you can’t know for sure which prices are set by scammers, haha.

The only moment you need to pay attention to is the comparability of services and prices.

If the channel is rather new, like up to 6 months, it offers crypto signals with no auto-trading, and the admin tells you they charge $150 per month…

No, that is impossible, and in such a situation I would advise you to find another group to work with.

So, which prices are real?

As I know based on my own experience, $150 is the price for the channel that offers signals with the very high profits made by traders with, like, 8 or more years of experience.

Younger channels with traders who have 3-5 years of experience, don’t set prices higher than $100.

So let’s be realistic 🙂

I think I told you everything important about the process of checking the crypto channel.

If you completed all the steps and didn’t find anything suspicious, congratulations!

You managed to find the legit channel with profitable crypto signals 🙂

What is next?

You need to know that there are a lot of traders who are ready to help you with every question you have just because some years ago they were newcomers as well and they understand the situation.

That is why don’t be shy and ask about every moment that is unclear for you.

As you may know, a lot of people think that crypto trading is very easy.

And they are right – it is easy when you have the profitable signals, the safe wallet, and the crypto bot that will trade for you.

But this process of searching for good services is very hard, believe me!

I hope this guide will be very useful to you. If you follow all the steps I told you above, you will find the channel providing legit crypto calls.

I know what I am talking about.

Some years ago I was the same newcomer who was amazed by the high profits. I bought the subscription without any review of the channel, I invested a lot of money in their signals.

And then, in two weeks (!!!) I lost more than $3,000 because I didn’t have the person who could tell me how to do it in a proper way.

And now, I hope, my pieces of advice will be able to save your time, money, nerves, etc.

Good luck, guys!

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