Netflix has come up with so many things to watch out.  It offers every sort of movies like drama, romance, thrill and crime. Are you in the mood for a new TV crime series to binge or a classic you haven’t seen in a generation? Well, then Netflix provides you with much stuff of crime shows to watch. A lot of people would rather spend hours or even days with the same characters in a TV series, and Netflix has one for every mood. So here are some of the best crime shows to watch on Netflix in 2020.

Read the full article to know which crime shows matches with your taste.  Take a quick look of crime drama to watch on Netflix in 2020.

Crime Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2020

Crime drama never gets out of trend. It just gets better and better. Here are the top crime dramas that you need to watch in 2020.

 Bloodline Season 3

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Bloodline is a dramatic thriller that explores the demons lurking beneath the surface of a contemporary American family. However, the Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community but their past contains dark secrets that they hope remain buried. Paranoia and mistrust build as lies pile up, alliances are shattered, and an unthinkable crime takes place. The tight-knit family’s formerly harmonious relationship deteriorates. In this series, the good people are forced to consider doing very bad things.

Take a look at the trailer.

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Travellers season 3

Travellers season 3 played a dangerous game in its finale introducing a reset that could either pay off with an innovative re-imagining of the journey to the “Twenty-First” or alienate viewers by undoing all of the relationships, consequences, and tragic deaths of the past few years.

But perhaps a reset was necessary. Glimmers of doubt had already begun to appear as consciousnesses continued to be sent from the dark future; could there be any hope that the Director would ever succeed in its mission to avoid humanity’s extinction?

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High Seas

High Seas the series of 8 episodes is a Spanish mystery series released on Netflix in November 2019. Its plot surrounds mysterious deaths on a luxurious ship travelling from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s that uncover secrets surrounding two sisters who are travelling together.

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Criminal France

Criminal: France is a 2019 police procedural compendium series composed of twelve episodes, with three episodes set in each of four countries, filmed in local languages – France, Spain, Germany and the UK. Set within the confines of a police investigation room, French investigators engage in intense games of psychological cat-and-mouse with their accused suspects to find the answers they need in order to solve their cases.

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Best Crime Drama- Seven Seconds

Crime shows on Netflix 2020

Seven Seconds is a crime drama web television series. It is based on Russian film. The Major written and directed by Yuri Bykov. It was premiered on February 23, 2018, on Netflix. The series entire responsibility either of creation and execution was on Veena Sud. In this crime drama series follows the people involved in investigating the death of a young black boy and the boy’s family as they reel after the loss.

When 15-year-old black cyclist Brenton Butler dies in a hit-and-run accident — with a white police officer behind the wheel of the vehicle — Jersey City explodes with racial tension. This crime drama explores the aftermath of the accident, which includes an attempted cover-up by the police department and a volatile trial.Assistant prosecutor KJ wants to prosecute the hit-and-run as a hate crime, in addition to a careless assassination.

Broadchurch Season 3

Broadchurch Season 3 picks up three years after Danny Latimer’s death.  Here  Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) and Alec Hardy (David Tennant) are now official detective partners. They brought in to lead an inquiry into the rape of a woman, Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh). The enquiry was done outside of the venue for her best friend’s 50th birthday party.

The show takes its time in these early episodes, especially in the premiere, as we sit with Trish and go alongside her through the process of reporting her attack. There is something about the methodical forensic and bureaucratic nature of it that is even more destructive — it’s happened so many times that it’s become routine. Even as the police and care workers do everything they can to make Trish feel supported. It feels like this physical violation has been turned into an established event.

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 Crime Drama- Mindhunter season 2

 This drama is based on  Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite serial crime unit book. This book was written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. It follows fictional FBI agents Holden and Bill as they travel across the U.S. to profile incarcerated killers. During their work, the pair form a working theory about a new kind of killer profile based on shared traits from their subjects. This leads Holden and Bill to create a working theory. This theory was based on what a serial killer truly is. And how the profile could help identify if other suspects fit the bill.

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Luther Season 5

Crime shows on Netflix 2020

With every season of Luther, John Luther confronts serial killers, deranged snipers, deadly fetishists, and quasi-Batman villains—no mere hooligans wielding knives, to be sure. Strangely, there’s little impressive detective work required to defeat these extremely convoluted killers. In the fifth season, Luther pursues the serial killer Jeremy Lake by day.

Alice Morgan returns as Luther’s whimsical stalker and swiftly reestablishes herself as the prevailing complication in Luther’s life.Having learned nothing from the death of several friends and colleagues in previous seasons, Luther breaks the rules and sneaks around only to reveal himself once again to be the most reckless detective in London. Watch the trailer to know more about the series.

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Crime shows on Netflix 2020-The fall season 3

The British-Irish series stars Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson and Jamie Dornan as serial killer Paul Spector. For three seasons, fans watched Stella hunt Spector. This is definitely the crime drama for those who prefer a darker story. Even better is the fact that while it may not have a happy ending in the true sense of the term, there at least isn’t a cliffhanger.

 Happy Valley Series 3

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This British crime drama stars Sarah Lancashire as police sergeant Catherine Cawood. In its two seasons, Catherine not only has to deal with adversities at home (and the aftermath) but they also carry over into her professional life. It all traces back to the man who raped her daughter. Thereby leading to her suicide, and the first case of the series. That gives Catherine the chance to save another of his victims.

Wrapping Up!

Well, a crime drama series is such that will keep you entertained till the last of the scene. And these are some of the best crime series to watch on Netflix in 2020 and are going to be worth your time.

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