3D modeling software is beneficial regardless of industry. You can use it to 3D print and manufacture your products, better visualize your projects, and run simulations. These 3D tools help develop medical, architectural, and even chemistry projects.

It offers you new possibilities and helps you in your daily work. However, using 3D modeling software is not so easy, and you may be wondering how to learn 3D modeling.

Learning 3D software can be very difficult if you haven’t realized it at school. But it’s never too late to learn! Let’s see how to learn how to use 3D modeling software.

This is our selection of the best online 3D modeling courses you can find online to help you learn the basics of 3D modeling. Have you considered learning 3D modeling, using 3D printing, and taking 3d modeling courses to take your skills to the next level?


Lynda offers training and tutorials through LinkedIn Learning. This platform will help you learn all the 3D modeling techniques needed for a successful 3D project. It helps you learn the basics of 3D required by various CAD software such as 3Ds Max, Solidworks, and even Maya and Revit Architecture. Plus, all levels of courses are available.

3D motive

3D motive focuses on 3D for game development and 3D modeling software specifically tailored to this purpose (e.g., 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush).


Yoobee offers online 3modellingng courses to understand Maya better, build models using polygons, and use UV mapping and textures. How do you handle high and low polygon modeling? What are the techniques for modeling hard surfaces? Lessons from Yoobee will help you with this.

And after these courses, you will be able to create animations in Maya, and there is no secret in this advanced software user interface.


Udemy is not a platform focused on learning 3D software but a general one. Thanks to this platform, you can learn the basics of programming languages and web design.

However, among all the courses you can find on this website, some related modeling courses will help you start your project with Blender or 3Ds Max software. You may better understand the user interface of these CAD tools, but you can also go further and learn to create 3D characters or environments.

3D training

Need help learning how to use 3Ds Max, Maya, Inventor, AutoCAD, or Revit? Thanks to this platform, students can learn how to use 3D modeling software and practice industrial projects.

Digital Media Academy

Need to learn how to create Maya characters, objects, and environments? Digital Media Academy provides online lessons to help you create detailed models, run the correct model topology, and achieve professional-level 3D modeling with this software. Try it! Says experts like TangoLearn.

XChange training

XChange Training is a fantastic route to get into visual designing to improve my modeling career and animation skills. The training course focuses on Cinema 4D and 3Ds Max software and is suitable for both beginners and experienced designers.

Autodesk Design Academy

Autodesk offers a great introduction to 3D modeling in 13 lessons to help you learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360. It’s a complete module, from an overview of 2D and 3D modeling to parametric modeling and more technical aspects.


At Coursera, you can take anything. However, there are also concrete and interesting modules for CAD software and digital manufacturing. The best university instructors teach courses, but these online courses are open to anyone and receive an electronic course certificate.

CG spectrum

CG Spectrum is an online school that offers animation, visual effects, 3D modeling, or game programming courses. These courses specialize in 3D in the film industry. Some platforms provide an overview of 3D software and advanced courses taught by award-winning artists working in the film industry. Mentors will help you acquire professional 3D modeling skills and complete knowledge of the technical aspects of the theoretical concepts of 3D modeling.

Gnomon Workshop

At the Gnomon Workshop platform, professionals train artists who want to work in the entertainment industry. Thanks to these courses, you will be able to acquire new 3D modeling skills and learn environment and character creation and photogrammetry, anatomy, and more. This website is especially relevant if you want to work on game design.

ZBrush Workshop

These are online courses focused on ZBrush, a proper 3D modeling software. There are ten online modules to help you better understand this CAD program to work efficiently in your project. ZBrush experts run these courses.

Sculpteo tutorial

At Sculpteo, we hope to succeed in our 3D printing experience. Therefore, many have created many tutorials on different websites to help you prepare your 3D model for 3D printing using:

  • Blender
  • Rhino
  • Solidworks
  • Sketchup
  • Mesh mixer
  • Inventor
  • Alias
  • Sculptor
  • Catia
  • SpaceClaim
  • FreeCAD
  • Fusion 360
  • Stimulate
  • 3DS Max
  • Wing 3D
  • TopSolid
  • Mathematica
  • 3D builder


Designing OpenSCAD animated builds can be very complex if you are unfamiliar with them. To optimize cost and project quality, you need to know more about 3D modeling printing.

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