Is Bitcoin mining worth it? Can you gain profits with bitcoin mining? The only answer to all these questions is yet, but it isn’t very easy. In the early days of bitcoin, the mining process was considered a profitable hobby for early adopters who even get the opportunity to earn 50 bitcoins in every 10 minutes for mining bitcoins. The early adopters, those who successfully mined bitcoins and earned 50 BTC, think about their financial wealth if they hold their bitcoins till 2017 or today. Another great way to earn profits is through bitcoin trading that you can do by visiting

If you are a newcomer and highly motivated to learn about income that you can generate with bitcoin by only learning few things, you must read upcoming paragraphs.

Bitcoin mining is the only backbone of blockchains that are based on the proof-of-work consensus method and can be well understood from three main concepts that are as follows:

Block Reward

Computers, also known as nodes, verify Bitcoin transactions, and all the transactions are collected into blocks. Blocks are added into a long chain that is comprised entirely of blocks known as the blockchain. In bitcoin mining, miners are rewarded for solving complex mathematical algorithms to verify the transactions and then accumulating them into blocks. This concept is known as a block reward. As of 2020, the block reward was halved down to 6.25 bitcoins. However, the block reward will be reduced to 3.125 bitcoins in 2021 after the halving process. Block reward is only provided to the miner who solves the complex algorithms first.

Well, if you think that it’s easy to solve the puzzles, it’s not. The process of bitcoin mining is repeated every 10 minutes, and each machine or computer works for mining on the network. The difficulty of the algorithms or puzzles is adjusted after every 14 days or 2016 blocks to make sure that only one machine is able to solve the puzzles in 10 minutes. The difficulty is estimated by the amount of hashrate that contributes to the bitcoin network.

Mining Hardware

Mining hardware is the specialized hardware or computer that is created and designed specially to fulfil the purpose of bitcoin mining. The more powerful the hardware is, the most profitable it will be to miners. Therefore miners must invest their money in the best and high processing mining hardware that is highly efficient in its performance and can be profitable to you as well.


The appropriate definition of hashrate would be as a measure of the computational power of miners. In simple words, the more computing power miners have, the more they will get rewards. Also, note that if a huge number of miners are involved in mining bitcoins hoping to earn the block reward and hardware, it will solve the complicated mathematical algorithms. It is a race for miners, and the one who wins the race by solving the puzzles gets the block reward. The machine or hardware with high computing power is more likely to provide more solutions to miners and help win the bitcoins as a block reward.

In the early days of bitcoin, the hashrate was measured in hash per second, but with the exponential growth of bitcoin mining, it has been pre-fixed with different SI units like KH/s, MH/s, GH/s, and more.

How can bitcoin miners calculate their profits?

The only major cost that is involved in mining cost is the total amount of energy consumed in mining bitcoins. The revenue generated from mining needs to compensate for the costs and investment made on mining hardware. The result will be the profits that are generated from the mining process. Miners must concentrate more on reducing energy consumption. If it’s not possible, they must focus on moving to areas where the electricity costs are less to make the mining process lucrative.

Transaction fees are the other source of revenue for miners. Miners necessitate bitcoin users to pay a nominal transaction fee while making bitcoin transactions to other users. The users that pay extra transaction fees often get their transaction prioritized and completed at the earliest. Also, each transaction is recorded in the uneditable blockchain, which miners also do. This is why they are provided fees for their efforts.

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