The new partnership between the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Australia and Circles.Life is sending ripples across the gaming community. The telecommunication giant will support regional events, such as associated competitions. Keep reading to find out how it’ll affect your gameplay.

When Giants Meet

The telco mogul is also expanding towards other directions in Australia. Other strategic partnerships include the Australian telco Optus. After all, Circle.Life has confirmed its participation in three major events already, with more yet to come. Fast internet is a prerequisite for the establishment of a lively eSports scene. The big players are the LCO (League of Legends Circuit Oceania), DreamHack Melbourne, and ESL ANZ Champs.

Circle.Life’s co-founder, Rameez Ansar, is confident that his company will help local users to step up their games. The Singaporean company also aims to support and promote larger gaming and live streaming environments. In this partnership, those interested in eSports betting in Australia see a turning point for the niche. This partnership is also likely to feed into this rising trend.

ESL Australia has publicly declared its intention to create a larger and better eSports in Australia and New Zealand. Graeme du Toit, Head of Sales and Marketing, firmly believes that Circle.Life is the right partner for the company’s plans. Circle.Life, on the other hand, will get to showcase its abilities before an engaged and massive audience. The country is expected to host many other events soon like the ones mentioned above.

Paving the Highway

Circles.Life is a telco startup with 450 employees and an unmeasurable drive for expansion. The company is investing heavily to get into the Australian, Indian, and New Zealander markets. It has already attracted investments from companies like Sequoia Capital India and the Economic Development Board (EDB).

Circles.Life also has plans for 5G implementation back home. It already leases a private frequency and promotes mobile internet plans in the country. The brand will have massive exposure during the events when the local gamer community will have the chance to learn about its services. Circles.Life is expecting a wave of new subscriptions after the first round of events.

Uniting Aussie Gamers

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is an organizer for eSports tournaments worldwide. The Australian branch was inaugurated in 2011 and has brought many relevant events to Down Under ever since. ESL has some big clients and has already worked alongside Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Microsoft, and Ubisoft.

ESL Australia also provides production and broadcasting services for live events. It was involved in noteworthy events, such as the Melbourne eSports Open, the FFA E-League, and IEM Sydney. By signing with Circles.Life, ESL hopes to improve the structure for live tournaments and streamings alike, helping to create a larger and more engaged eSports community in the country.

Building Up for the Task

ESL Australia has recently announced the inauguration of three new studio spaces in Sidney. Those studios are part of a new facility, the ESL ANZ Champs. The spaces were created having in mind the necessity of organizing events with off-site staff. It’s also adapted for operating broadcasts remotely.

Each of those spaces was built with different kinds of broadcasting in mind. The main studio has a video wall and a casual couch setup. It is also a studio ensuite for live content.

The second studio is for audio-visual broadcasts, with commentary desks for up to three members. The third studio is flexible enough to host all kinds and sizes of shows.

Final Checkpoint

Esports enthusiasts from Australia and New Zealand have plenty of reasons to be excited. This partnership will likely provide ESL Australia with the tech muscles it needs to bring the national gaming scene to the next level.

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