All about in-game boosting in the multiplayer game World of Warcraft. Getting rare achievements, bounties, equipment in WoW. Advantages and disadvantages of boosting.

Boosting in the Game World of Warcraft: Features of the Service

The multiplayer game World of Warcraft is enjoyed by many players. Some are into PVP scuffles, going to arenas, and fighting against other players in the open world. Others, on the contrary, prefer to go only to raids and dungeons. The third category of players likes to collect rare items, mounts, and toys. Some even immersed themselves so deeply into the game that they play the role of their characters. Each of these categories at least once asked for help with the boosting system.

Recent Changes in Boosting

At the end of January, the World of Warcraft dev team issued a detailed statement, in which they banned organizations and individuals from providing boosting services. Many users took this literally, believing that players are no longer allowed to provide services for gold. The developers later clarified that this applies to large organizations that provide their services on several servers at once. This way they want to get rid of intrusive advertising notifications in the chat, which have already flooded all the servers.

Solo players, small groups, and local guilds can still carry players through raids and dungeons, and receive payment for it as long as they are paid with in-game gold. As for WoW boosters for real money, that service isn’t going anywhere either. The owner of some of the largest booster organizations in WoW recently showed up on Reddit and assured that this service will continue to be in demand among players.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Boosting in MMORPG

WoW, boosting service appeared in the game a long time ago, causing mixed emotions among users. Some saw positive sides of it:

An additional source of income. Strong players will have the opportunity to earn gold or money to spend later on their own needs. In addition to playing your favorite game and earning from it, you also help other people.

Improving the economy of the game. Boosters who really need gold use it to buy legendary items, consumables, and other items. In this way, the currency is not lying in vaults but is constantly being spent and participating in the game’s economy.

As counterarguments to those who do not like boosting in multiplayer games cite the following arguments:

Pay to Win. Many people reacted negatively to the fact that now in the game, any newcomer can buy rare achievements or equipment for gold, which other users have spent a lot of playing time.

Impairment of Achievements. Some items and achievements in the game can only be obtained by the strongest players, which demonstrates their skill and persistence. With the advent of boosting, casual players can obtain these items using third-party assistance.

As previously mentioned, many players don’t like the fact that the game chat is littered with ads from boosting merchants. But Blizzard is actively fighting this by sending too active screamers to the ban.


The developers have already announced the next update. Patch The End of Eternity will be released on February 23, and along with it the third PvP and Mythic+ season will begin and there will be a new raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. Normal and Heroic difficulty with the first 8 bosses will open on March 2, and the epochal mode will be available a week later. Along with this, many players will be able to take advantage of boosting services and quickly dress their characters in the best equipment of the add-on.

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