The concept of due diligence is hardly an unknown consideration for members of the legal profession.  As such, it should be no surprise that you will need to do your homework, ensure that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted before committing to hiring an SEO firm to take on the design of your firm’s website.

Any professional working in the 21st-century knows that they have to maintain an online presence to establish any form of credibility, but you need seasoned professionals at the helm to help set your website apart from the crowd.  Towards that end, prior to making a web design hiring decision, let us look at what you need to look for before contracting the services of any individual agency.

Hiring the Right Agency

Industries are not necessarily shy when it comes to swapping information and best practices.  Not surprisingly, the search engine optimization industry is no different.  This is good news for the attorney looking at hiring the right agency when it comes to finding a firm to build your website and help polish your online presence.

An array of websites exists to offer access to lawyers looking to hone their knowledge on the subject.  Indeed,  these online discussion boards will allow you to read articles, discuss best practices regarding online legal marketing, as well as learning about broader strategies that are illustrated with a myriad of case studies to help evaluate the digital impact.

Some websites worth giving a look include:

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Social Media Today
  • Content Marketing Institute

As an example, utilizing Search Engine Journal to explore topics like PPC, SEO, this site will put the cutting edge topics in the online marketing world at your disposal.  A grounding in this these topics will arm you to ask detailed questions to ensure the agency that you are thinking about hiring is the right agency for you and your firm.

Social Media Today provides insights and ideas regarding the interconnectivity of social media platforms, and can provide ideas on how these interactions might boost your clientele.  Unlike the populist nature of social media platforms, the Content Marketing Institute offers detailed “inside baseball” facts that can help you hone your search parameters when looking for an effective SEO agency.

Printed Digital Marketing Books

For those lawyers who prefer good old fashion paper to the digital offerings of websites, there are at least a couple of excellent books on the subject that should decorate your bookshelves prior to searching for the ideal SEO company to help design your firm’s website.  If you are on shaky ground when it comes to a firm understanding of digital marketing, there are a couple books that should form the cornerstone of your new understanding.

  • “Anything”—by Seth Godin is an excellent resource for a better understanding of the digital marketing world.  Godin details the inner workings of the online digital marketing world, and in doing so allows you the insight you will need to make an informed hiring decision when it comes to a reputable SEO agency.
  •  “Epic Content Marketing”—by Joe Pulizzi pushes the camera close for an analysis that features an ideal breakdown of the digital marketing environment. Pulizzi’s book does a deep dive into the successful building of online content that your clients will want to read.

From online discussion groups to foundational texts on the best way to advertise in the digital space is an excellent to hone your knowledge base to allow you to make an informed choice when it comes to hiring the right agency for your firm.  Regardless of the size of your law office, a robust online presence requires a robust generalized knowledge of the lawyer asking the tough questions of the digital marketing sales representative.

You research before entering a deposition or going before a judge, so it just makes sense that you would research the crucial, pertinent facts that impact digital marketing.  While you hardly have t become an expert on the subject, prior planning and studying will give you the knowledge so you can approach the topic like an expert.

Call the Legal Marketing Team You Can Trust at Gladiator Law Marketing

Here at Gladiator Law Marketing, we have chosen to focus our efforts on the legal field, and we believe that all law offices, regardless of the size of the practice, deserve excellence support when it comes to developing, changing, and maintaining your legal website to guarantee superior performance.  Your team’s job is litigation; our team’s job is helping to ensure a steady flow of clientele thanks to your superior web design and seamless customer usage.  We look forward to helping you build your practice, so call us today so we can begin to optimize your legal website to ensure a steady flow of interested browsers looking for your legal services.

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