Shopify and Squarespace seem to be comparable tools. They enable you to build a website and sell things without any design or coding abilities.

But they have distinct histories and origins.

Squarespace was built to produce and manage content-based websites, while Shopify was created to establish an online shop.

However, with Squarespace adding eCommerce and Shopify adding content creation features, the two systems have grown more comparable, and you can now use either to construct a content-driven website or sell things online.

In this article, we will look at moving from Squarespace to Shopify and choose the best platform based on your needs.

Shopify versus Squarespace

If you want to develop a beautiful website to exhibit content, Squarespace is the best product. This is especially true if you deal with photographs – Squarespace is great for developing online photography portfolios. Squarespace is also a terrific choice for creative professionals, such as musicians and novelists.

You can still use Squarespace to create a content-focused website or blog, and sell a few things on the side, as long as you stick to one currency and don’t deal with too many tax rates.

In terms of capabilities and payment gateway possibilities, Shopify is clearly the best choice for creating a professional online shop with automated tax computation, point of sale, thorough reporting, and a vast product inventory.

While both systems might do better in terms of GDPR compliance, it’s fair to argue that Shopify is simpler to use, particularly when it comes to cookie consent.

In closing, I’ll summarize the fundamental differences between these two systems.

Why does Shopify beat Squarespace?

  • Multi-currency selling is available in Shopify using ‘Shopify Markets’ or a third-party software, but not in Squarespace.
  • Shopify’s Point of Sale tools are superior than Squarespace’s for in-store or event sales (which is currently very limited).
  • Shopify’s automated tax calculation services function globally but Squarespace exclusively supports US customers.
  • Shopify’s drop-shipping possibilities are even more robust.
  • Shopify offers abandoned cart saving capabilities for a considerably lesser price.
  • Especially in the area of cookie consent, Shopify is simpler to comply with GDPR than Squarespace.
  • Shopify simplifies selling downloads to EU clients by automatically calculating EU VAT on digital items.
  • Shopify has stronger reporting options than Squarespace, but you need to be on a more costly plan to use them.
  • Shopify’s SEO tools outperform Squarespace’s.
  • Changing templates in Shopify is simple, but not with Squarespace.
  • Although Squarespace has some connections with Shopify, you won’t find a comparable collection of applications to enhance your website or shop.
  • With Shopify, you have over 100 payment gateway alternatives to choose from.
  • Without third-party software, Shopify enables you to develop multilingual websites.
  • Shopify provides you with greater HTML and CSS control.
  • Shopify offers phone assistance, unlike Squarespace.
  • Shopify allows you to construct AMP versions of product pages, while Squarespace does not.
  • Shopify’s email marketing tool is free; Squarespace’s is not.

Why choose Squarespace over Shopify?

  • Squarespace is simpler to use for updating material and arranging text and graphics.
  • If you want to exhibit material, especially photographs, Squarespace is the more beautiful and adaptable option.
  • Squarespace’s blogging tools outperform Shopify’s.
  • Squarespace offers roughly 140 free layouts, compared to Shopify’s 17.
  • Squarespace’s included templates are probably better than Shopify’s – they have more wow factor.
  • Squarespace has more product options and variants.
  • Squarespace handles product photographs better, so you don’t have to worry about picture ratios.
  • Annual Squarespace subscriptions include a free domain.
  • A year of free Google Workspace may be obtained via Squarespace.
  • No photos on Shopify’s online assistance pages.

Finally, our Shopify eCommerce development company can assist you to create Shopify and Squarespace websites! Contact us for more information on how we can help you launch a Shopify or Squarespace project swiftly and professionally.

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