Betting became a routine in 2023 and spread its influence on many industries and disciplines. With the development of the digital industry, the betting industry has also modernized: bets on esports and competitive gaming joined wagers on classic sports.

Like any other hobby related to a gambling pastime, esports betting has its pros and cons. Let’s try to figure out the main advantages and obvious drawbacks of betting on the most popular disciplines – CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL.

The advantages and disadvantages of CS:GO betting

The large number of CS:GO tournaments can be considered an advantage of CS:GO betting. There are tournaments of various scales: from local events in Eastern Europe to international championships with the best teams in the world.

Another advantage is the vast diversity of CS:GO bets from different bookmakers. Dozens of bookmaker companies propose to wager on various results: from a simple match winner to the number of players kills, from map handicap to the number of rounds for a particular side.

However, the above-mentioned advantage can easily become a drawback. The great space for betting can frequently lead to the wrong direct and ill-considered decisions.

One more pitfall on your way to successful CS:GO betting is the motivation of teams. This factor is difficult to estimate, and esports betting tips will not help too. However, you can stick to a few basic rules:

  • Avoid betting on esports matches with little-known teams
  • Learn about the gaming shape of the team you are betting on
  • Check the status of the tournament in which teams participate

Anyway, esports is far from being a perfect place. There are cases of unfair play, and a bright example is the infamous “coaching bug.” Such things mostly happen at little tournaments with the participation of semi-professional or unknown teams, although “the coaching bug” was used by first-tier teams.

The advantages and disadvantages of Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 is another discipline that is highly popular among esports betting fans and players.

The MOBA game by Valve is famous for The International, the biggest esports tournament. It is the best place for Dota 2 betting because it is its symbol.

Discussing the advantages of Dota betting, all is similar to CS:GO. There are many different tournaments. However, their number is fewer: there is one large league where teams usually play seriously.

The dynamics and duration of the matches can be considered its main source of pride. Dota 2 matches are not limited by the in-game timer, as it is in CS:GO, so you can make more bets.

However, it is risky to play enormously: just like in CS:GO, there is a pretty wide line of events in Dota. In the MOBA game by Valve, you can bet on the number of Roshans killed, the first blood, the number of towers destroyed, etc. To succeed in betting on such categories, you will need to understand the team drafts and their playstyles, which require certain preparations.

The advantages and disadvantages of LoL betting

League of Legends is another big discipline for esports betting with many events and lines. The game by Riot Games is popular all over the world, so bookmakers from different countries allow their users to bet on LoL.

The main advantage of League of Legends against its colleagues is its transparency and clarity. It is all about the disproportionate development of competitive regions.

League of Legends is played all over the world (there are nine main regions and many small leagues in 2023), but it is done better somewhere. Historically, teams from South Korea and China dominate the competitive scene.

If you are choosing between betting on an LCK representative (South Korea) or an LCS resident (North America), you will better choose the first one. The odds of such an outcome will be low, but the chance to succeed is high.

The advantages of esports betting tips

Esports betting tips answer a few questions simultaneously: how to get comprehensive information about the main parameters to analyze teams and bet and how to improve the win rate of your bet.

Besides, esports betting tips can be used as an alternative opinion. It can be useful to read the opinion of other people and compare it to yours in betting.

However, you should always rely on your knowledge and intuition while doing esports betting. You are the only one responsible for the lost and won money.

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