In times when people are turning towards a healthier lifestyle, the market is full of organic options to help them pursue their choices. From organically grown livestock and vegetables to organic toothpaste, you will find everything.

Organic toothpaste is a fairly new addition to organic products. Organic toothpaste is the paste derived from different natural ingredients like mint, herbs similar to mint, and naturally occurring compounds having antibacterial and mouth freshening properties. It is meant to be used for cleaning teeth. Organic toothpaste is not formulated on the basis of the manufacturing process of soap, though the other regular toothpaste is made through such a process. The toothpaste contains all the essential elements required for the cleaning and hygiene of the mouth and contains no potentially harmful chemicals.

Why Should You Use Organic Toothpaste?

For people opting for an organic and healthy lifestyle and trying to eliminate the use of chemical and synthetic products that potentially harms the general health, organic toothpaste, and alchohol-free mouthwash are the best options for maintaining oral health and hygiene. Organic toothpaste is, in fact, a healthy alternative to regular toothpaste. The toothpaste incorporates all-natural elements including antibacterial compounds like spearmint and peppermint oils.

Listed below are the top 5 reasons that will convince you to switch to organic toothpaste:

Safe and Efficient Cleaning of Teeth

Many synthetic chemical ingredients that are being incorporated in conventional kinds of toothpaste are absorbed into the body via the oral cavity and can affect the nervous or hormonal system. Let’s take the example of Triclosan, which is the most common ingredient of oral hygiene products as it is an antimicrobial agent. It has been declared as an Endocrine Disruptori.e., affect the balance of the endocrine system, specifically the thyroid hormones.

The natural or organic toothpaste does not contain any such harmful synthetic compounds that could cause damage to the body. There are no synthetic dyes or artificial ingredients. Instead, all the elements are natural (plant extracts, natural minerals, and antiseptics) and have the capability to clean the teeth gently and effectively, simultaneously fighting with bacteria.

Refreshing Breath

When it comes to breath refreshment, organic kinds of toothpaste are as effective as conventional toothpaste. In fact, natural and organic toothpaste contains strong essential oils that refresh the breath organically and there is no need for chemical additives that are present in conventional kinds of toothpaste.

Prevent and Soothe Gum Pain

If you have sensitive gums and your regular conventional toothpaste just aggravates the symptoms, then you need to switch to organic toothpaste immediately since most of the regular toothpastes are mostly harsh and aggressive for sensitive gums. Whereas, natural and organic toothpastes are proven as the real asset for relieving oral sensitivity. These toothpastes actually consist of vegetable oils and soothing plant extracts like Aloe Vera, tea tree essential oil which is known for calming the sensitive and painful gums.

Stain Removal

Do you want to get rid of yellow teeth but don’t want to go for hefty whitening procedures and can’t use synthetic whitening toothpaste as it affects the enamel of teeth? Natural toothpaste is what you should adopt. The natural toothpaste produces a whitening effect without damaging the enamel of teeth. Silica, a natural mineral is being incorporated in organic toothpaste. Silica is combined with natural baking soda and this combination is known to give immediate whitening effects. Moreover, silica functions effectively in polishing the surface of teeth and eliminating stains.

Safe for Children

While introducing oral hygiene routine to the children, especially toddlers, safety is a major concern! The toddlers tend to swallow the toothpaste when they are in the initial stage of learning to brush the teeth. Your ordinary toothpaste contains artificial chemicals that get into the body due to swallowing and can potentially cause damage to the body. The natural toothpaste in contrast is fluoride-free and contains no artificial chemicals, no Triclosan, and no sodium Laureth sulfate. Thus, the toothpaste is absolutely safe for child use that even if the children swallow it, there is no harm.

Organic toothpastes are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. considering the numerous benefits it is associated with, you shouldn’t hesitate to make the switch!

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