Mobile app development is evolving extremely fast. Since the vast majority of the world population makes use of products that run on phones, tablets, and smartwatches are of pivotal importance. Many business owners opt for mobile applications to improve the user experience and attract more clients. No wonder there are so many available options on App Store and Play Market.

However, recent research shows that nearly 55% of mobile applications are ignored by users. It means that it is not enough to develop a product. To make it successful, you have to put much effort into it. The first step is to look for a professional mobile app developer for hire. It can be a company or an individual you can find by recommendation or on various freelance websites.

But why does it happen so? To answer this question let’s consider the most common reasons why your mobile app can fail. So, here we go!

Being too complicated

The main purpose of any mobile app is to make the users’ lives much easier. That is why mobile products are usually viewed as an alternative to websites with numerous pages and buttons. In such a way a successful app is the one that is easy to understand and master. Unfortunately, many developers forget about this crucial point while trying to impress users with sole sophisticated solutions. Your product must be simple and transparent. Otherwise, it is likely to fail!

Security issues

Mobile applications are various. They are used for covering different spheres of our life. Some of them have access to our private information. Among such apps are banking, insurance, and healthcare ones. Not all users are ready to rely on technological wonders and have a fear of data leakage. To make such people download and use your product you should make them trust you. The best option here is to ask for professional help from an outstaffing agency. Such companies offer experienced narrow specialists. Find a person who will help you with adding such features as two-factor authentication, AI support, and the like. This process demands time and money, but these investments will definitely pay you off lately.

Poor UI/UX

Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate the importance and complexity of developing a good mobile application. It is not enough just to make a mobile adaption of a website. It is pivotal to focus on UI experience. Make sure you hire professional designers who will take into account the target audience and its preferences. It may be surprising for you but in case with web products even such things as color, text size, layouts, and the placement of the buttons do matter. If you are not sure whether you can cope with it by yourself, it will be better to apply to a professional mobile development company.


It takes a great deal of time to build a high-quality mobile application. But when the development process is over many people mistakenly think that the job is done. In fact, without a powerful marketing strategy, you are likely to fail. The competition in almost all spheres is rather harsh. To make mobile users switch exactly to your product you have to make them interested in it.

Among the best ways to do it is to advertise the developed app. It will be a great idea to place ads on social media for attracting more people. It is important to take into account your targeted audience while doing it. If you have developed an app for elderly people, then posts on Instagram or Facebook won’t bring about the popularity of your product. In this case, you can make use of radio or TV. (if the budget allows)

Limited functions

The mobile app developers should think about the ways of its monetization very carefully. Firstly, if you post ads make sure you are keeping the right balance. Otherwise, users will quickly become fed up with it and abandon your product.

Secondly, if you apply the strategy when users can make use only of a limited set of functions for free you have to provide people with principal features. To make app users pay for your services make them interested in it.

Drawing the line

Now it is difficult to imagine a successful company without a mobile application. When compared with a website products that run on smartphones are more popular among the users and help attract more clients. Since mobile app development is evolving fast you should pay much effort into creating something really valuable. To make it possible start with our tips!

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