Have you tried frantically to get your website to appear at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Have you tried every trick in the book, but you keep failing to hit your desired SEO results? Have you tried to copy other websites, but had no tangible changes in results? Do you wish to be able to rank high and have your business featured on this list – or any similar list? If your answer to all of the questions posed is yes, then you should take a deep breath, and rest assured that you will find the solution to your problem as you continue to read on.

Well, what is this solution? You may be wondering what we know that is different from the tons of options you have tried in the past. You may think this is another example of the many technical SEO jargons that you could not easily implement despite spending reasonable sums to obtain them. We can promise you that this is not one of those things. We want to take you on a journey. A journey that will unravel some basic mistakes impeding your website’s performance.

Why your website may never rank

Every other day, there is a new SEO discovery. A new trick. An ‘easier’ way to get your website to the top of search engine results. They are splattered across the internet, but these so-called latest methods don’t really work in most cases. They may mess up your website’s average performance.

The biggest reason websites fail to rank high is because of bad content. Content is king and does not need to be reiterated. Still, website owners would sometimes rather put effort into the aesthetics, layout, and optimization of their websites rather than invest any effort into churning out great content.

In the past, good or bad content did not matter. Still, as more website owners started to use sleazy tricks to boost their website’s rank on SERPs, search engines began to notice the patterns and evolved to counter them.

Hate to announce it to you, but search engines can now tell the difference between good and bad content on any website. And this may be the biggest factor behind your website’s woeful performance on SERPs.

Why content remains king

The internet is a limitless resource. Whatever you wish to find, you will find it on the internet. However, content is the compass that guides people to the right spots to find the relevant information they need.

People use search engines like Google to find useful information on the internet. Over time, the competition among search engine providers took a different notch. Internet users began to ditch the popular ones for others that provide more streamlined and specific answers to user inquiries.

After performing their internal evaluations, they realized that most of the content from pages that pop up as answers to search inquiries featured low-quality and often repeated content. The content presented to users was often shallow, and it covered topics from rather mundane perspectives. So, the tricks are working; once website owners use the right keywords and employ other SEO tricks, their websites shoot to the top of SERPs.

You can never relegate good content to the background. It will always attract the crowd, even if hidden under rubble. This realization was a rude awakening for the giant search engines. This is why search engines now scale good content high up in their preferences for search engine results.

The trick to turning around your website’s results is simple – you have to invest in good content. Only good content can guarantee you a place at the table of search engines. And these days, their tools have been trained to scrutinize content carefully. So, in order to get the top ranking results that you desire for your website, you must commit to creating good content.

Search engines play a crucial role on the internet. One can even say they are the nucleus of the internet, and they keep contributing in many ways to the growth of the internet. The adaptability of the search engines to business needs lies behind the boost in SEO, SEM, and other interesting initiatives.

These search engines feed off of the information provided on the internet. They do not necessarily own any content, but they now lord over content because of their incredible reach and the desire to satisfy their users with appropriate results for their search inquiries.

If you are operating any website, and especially business websites, the key to thriving and achieving good success is to be friends with the search engines. And what’s more interesting is that the search engines have only one obligation for your friendship: good content.

Forget all the SEO tricks that you may have stacked up against your sleeve. As long as your content isn’t great, it will most likely worsen the performance of your website. The primary key to opening up your website to outstanding results is brilliant content. You simply cannot compromise on it.


Now that you have learned why your website’s performance is poor, you have to turn things around by investing more effort and resources into creating better-quality content. If your content is great, any other SEO trick that you apply alongside will serve as an extra topping that will attract and retain more users on your website. So, get up and get down to creating good content for your website. Remember, Google and other search engines are always watching.

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