Looking to download YoWhatsApp Apk v8.65 Latest Version for Android? If yes then we are here to help you out. There is no doubt about how popular WhatsApp as a messaging app is. But the thing about WhatsApp is that it lacks a lot of features. Hence, there are quite a lot of tech-savvy users likes to avoid the app and switch to other WhatsApp mods like YoWhatsApp. So in case if you too want to start using this WhatsApp mod, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share a link to YoWA v8.65 Apk. But before that let’s just talk about what this app is all about. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

Many people who want advanced features search for this application on Google. This is because YoWa comes along with so many pretty cool features than the other WhatsApp Mods. There are hundreds of website available on the Internet that claims to provide you the working YoWa by Yousef Apk. But I have observed that most of them aren’t updated for a long time and they have the older version of the application.  To help you out for finding the YoWa latest apk, we have shared this article with you. I’m damn sure you are well familiar with this application and its amazing features. In case you don’t know, scroll down to know more about the latest YoWhatsApp Apk.

YoWhatsApp Apk Download

YoWhatsApp Apk is one of the best WhatsApp mods available out there. The app is a new addition to the WhatsApp mods, and it has recently gained a lot of popularity. This application is developed by one of the talented developers Yousef-Al-Basha. The best part of this app is that it comes with lots of tweaks which makes your WhatsApp experience great as much as possible. Inside the app, you will find quite a lot of settings like hiding is last seen, blue ticks, double ticks. You will ne surely able to explore more features of the application once you start using it on your smartphone. Well, you may also try GBWhatsApp which comes with almost the same tweaks.

YoWhatsApp Apk
YoWhatsApp Apk v8.65 Latest Version For Android 2021

Along with that, you will get a bunch of privacy settings that you do not get to see on the official WhatsApp app. Even the most interesting feature of the YOWA Yousef Apk is that it lets you change the layout color of WhatsApp completely. So in case if you think that the default green layout of WhatsApp is pretty boring, then you can change that by using a theme of your choice. Also, check out WhatsApp Group Invite Links

However, you cannot download the app from the Google Play Store. And the reason is pretty simple, that the app is the hacked version of the WhatsApp app. Hence you have to depend on third party websites to download the app. But do not worry, I am going to share the YoWhatsApp Apk download link with you. You may also like FMWhatsApp which is another great WhatsApp Mod for Android.

But before we go and share the link, let’s just go and have a look at the top features that YoWhatsApp 8.65 mod is offering. So here we go:

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Kämjør’Ðilwale Ýaha’sê-ðafa Hø’jaye

   Download YoWhatsApp v8.65

Features Of YoWhatsApp Apk v8.65

There is no doubt that Yo WhatsApp Mod has a lot of features. Before you jump to the download link, let me show you some extraordinary features of this application. These features are enough for the reason to download YoWhatsApp right now. However, here are some of the top features which will be pretty useful to you:




The best part of YoWhatsApp Apk is that it offers you a lot of customization options. The app will help you to get rid of the boring layout. And you will be able to make the app more customized one. There are thousands of themes that are available along with the app. Simply choose and apply the one that you like. Moreover, the app also lets you change the icon color of the app. So, you will be able to make the app truly yours.


With the app, you will be getting a hell lot of privacy settings. Even this is one of the main reasons why more and more people are interested in this app. With the help of the app, you will be able to hide your last seen, blue tick, online status and so on. The app also lets you disable video calling features for a specific contact. Or you can block it for every contact. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt app locker feature. As a result, you will no longer need to use a third party app to do the same.



YoWhatsApp APK also comes with a few security features. First of all the app has a built-in app lock feature which you can use to lock down your WhatsApp app using pattern, pin or fingerprint lock. Also, you will be able to secure a conversation using a pin. For example, if you want to secure a conversation, you can simply use a pin. So, no one will be able to read your personal chats. Well, you can avail the same feature on WhatsApp Plus application too.

Limits Increased


With this WhatsApp mod, you will also get increased limits. For example, the app lets you send a broadcast message to 500 people at once. But with the official app, this is not possible. Also, you will be able to send up to 60 images at once, but with WhatsApp, you will only be able to send 10 images at once. Other WhatsApp Mods including OGWhatsApp provides the same feature.


Exclusive Features

YoWhatsApp also comes with some exclusive features. Like it gives you an ability to send a message to anyone without saving their number on your device. You will be able to pin more than 100 chats where the official app lets you pin only 3 chats. You can also change the colors of the group so you can identify a group pretty easily. But with official WhatsApp, this is not possible.

So those were some of the top features of YoWhatsApp Apk. Apart from these features, the app also features a few more. To know about them consider downloading the app and figure them out by yourself.

Yo WhatsApp v8.65 (Changelog)

  • Base updated on the WhatsApp v2.20.64
  • An exclusive feature to Mark Status as Viewed
  • New Feature added to go to the first message
  • Added option to enable 5-min status/story
  • Option added to increase forward limit to 250
  • Delete message for everyone option increased up to 100 days
  • Added some more emojis and stickers
  • Live Location Crash issue is fixed now!
  • Solved “Mark as Seen” and saving incorrect status/story issue

Download YoWhatsApp APK Latest Version

The toughest challenge for the lover of this application is finding the right link to download YoWa Apk. Most of the times people get failed to download YoWhatsApp on their smartphone. If you are looking for the latest version of the app then here is the link to download the app for your Android device. Simply click on the below download button. And once you are done doing so, the download will start in a bit. Also, the good part is that the app requires no root. So you do not have to root your Android device in order to use this WhatsApp mod.

   Download YoWhatsApp

After downloading the application, you have to install it yourself as you are not downloading the application from Google Play Store. So now after that, you have downloaded the app, the next question is how to install it on your Android smartphone? Well, to install the app you need to follow these steps.

As you aren’t downloading this application on Google Play Store, you might get a warning regarding third-party installation. So, to make it ready for the installation, firstly enable “Unknown Sources” on your smartphone.

  • First of all, go to Settings.
  • Then tap on Additional Settings.
  • Now go to privacy.
  • Over here enable the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option, and you are all done.

enable unknown sources

So, this is how you can get rid of the “Installation Blocked” warning on your smartphone. Once you are done doing so, you are all set to install YoWhatsApp apk on your Android device. Now go ahead and follow the steps given below.

How to install YoWhatsApp Apk On Android?

Generally, you install apps from the Google Play Store. But, as you are downloading the apk file of the application, the installation process is totally different. Maybe you already know how to install an Apk on your Android device. But most of the newbies don’t know how to install an Android apk. So, to make the task easier for them, here are the steps given to install YoWhatsApp Apk on your smartphone.

  • First of all, Open the Downloads folder and click on the Yo WhatsApp Apk file.
  • Now tap on the Install option and the installation process will begin shortly.
YoWA By Yousef
YoWhatsApp Apk v8.65
  • Wait for a while until the installation process finishes.
  • Once the installation process is completed, simply click on the Open option.
YoWA 2020
YoWA 2021
  • Now simply signup on the app, in the same way, you signup on the official WhatsApp app and you will be good to go.

yowhatsapp apkOnce you are done with all the steps which are mentioned above, you’re all ready to enjoy the exclusive features of this application. If you have the previous backup of the WhatsApp data then you can restore it by putting the backup files in the YoWhatsApp folder. The application has the same layout as the official WhatsApp. If you want customizations, you may go to Menu > YoMods section. You can find lots of options to customize your WhatsApp.


Download YoWhatsApp For PC (Windows)

Most of the users wish to use YoWhatsApp for PC. Sadly, this application for Windows is not developed yet. However, you can still use the application on your PC with the help of Android Emulators.

yowhatsapp for pc download

Bluestacks App Player is one of the best emulators which lets you use any Android application on your PC. So, just follow the basic steps to get started with YoWhatsApp Apk for PC.

  • First of all. you need to download Bluestacks App Player on your PC. You may follow the link given below to simply begin the downloading process.

   Download Bluestacks

  • Open the downloads folder and double click on the Setup file. Follow the on-screen instructions and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Once you are done with the installation process, launch the Bluestacks App Player.
YoWhatsApp For PC
Download YoWa By Yousef For PC
  • Now, enter your email address and sign in to the Bluestacks. Also, download Yo WhatsApp Apk on your PC from the link given above.
  • Simply locate the YoWhatsApp Apk file to the Bluestacks and then install it.

That’s it. You can now launch the application and follow the further steps to register on the YoWhatsApp Apk. This is the simplest method to use YoWhatsApp for Windows PC. You can try out GBInsta which is a great modded Instagram app.

How to Use YoWhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

It’s very difficult to move from official WhatsApp to any other WhatsApp Mods just because of the fear of losing our personal chats. There are often times we want to keep our chats with us. That’s the main reason many people don’t use the WhatsApp Mods even it is having so many cool features. Well, you can simply take the backup of your WhatsApp data and restore it to the YoWhatsApp Apk. So, here I will tell you how to use YoWhatsApp on your smartphone without losing your personal chats and WhatsApp Data. Just follow the basic steps given below:

1. First of all, open the original WhatsApp application and click on the three dots at the top-right corner.

2. After that, tap on the “Settings” option from the menu.

backup yo whatsapp

3. Now, click on the “Chats” and then on the Backup option there.

yowa yousef

4. Inside the Chats panel, click on the “Chat Backup” option.

chat backup on whatsapp

5. Finally, click on the green BACK UP button.

use whatsapp without losing chats

6. The Backup process will begin shortly. It will take some time depends on the size of your Backup file.

7. Now, uninstall the official WhatsApp application and install the YoWhatsApp on your phone. (The installation process is already shared above)

8. Register on the application using your phone number and verify it through One Time Password (OTP).

9. After that, it will automatically sync the Backup files and show you the available Backup file that you have taken.

10. Simply click on the Restore button and wait for some time until the process completes.

restore chats on yowhatsapp

11. That’s all…! You can now see all the old chats on the YoWhatsApp application.

So, this was the easiest guide to use YoWhatsApp without losing your chats. Hopefully, it was very easy for you to do so. You can now install any WhatsApp Mod by following the same procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people have so many doubts about this application. So, let me answer all the questions which mostly come to your mind before downloading the application.

Q. Is YoWhatsApp better than Official WhatsApp?

Ans. Obviously Yes. This application allows you more extra tweaks and customization which is not available in the official WhatsApp.

Q. Can I use Dual WhatsApp with this application?

Ans. Yes, you can use YoWhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp. In this way, you have multiple WhatsApp on your phone.

Q. Will my account banned?

Ans. No. Many WhatsApp Mods have this problem but you don’t need to worry if you use YoWhatsApp. Well, few users reported that their accounts are getting banned. This may be due to registering on the application several times in a short span of time.

Now, we have updated the post with the YoWhatsApp Anti Ban version. So, the problem of accounts getting banned is solved forever.

Q. From where Can I find YoWhatsApp Update?

Ans. As you have downloaded this application from our site, you can get the updates too from here. Stay tuned to us for new updates. Whenever an updated version of the application releases, you’ll get notified on the application through a popup.

Hopefully, these FAQs and answers cleared all the doubts you had. Still, if you have any queries regarding this application then simply you can ask us through the comments. Well, if you ever want to update the app, you may visit this page again to get the updated version if it is available. If you bookmark this page, It would be easy for you to find this page in the future.

Final Words

WhatsApp Mods became too much popular these days. Almost everyone seeks for the additional features and these mods are available to fulfill their desire. Once you try this application on your phone, I’m pretty sure you will never delete YoWhatsApp Apk from your smartphone. Not only this, but there are also so many other WhatsApp Mods are available too which comes along with so many amazing features.

So that was all about the YoWhatsApp Apk v8.65 which we shared with you. Now it is your call to go ahead and check out the app and see if it is working for you or not. Also, if you want to update the app in the future then make sure to visit this page. I would recommend you to bookmark this page so you can easily find the update easily. We will keep the app updated from time to time. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, do comment below.

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