Are you bothered by unknown phone numbers that keep calling you without uttering a word, or prank calls, or some deliberate missed calls that never convert to a call? Sometimes you have numbers saved in the contact list on your cell phone, yet you cannot precisely locate the person in your memory as you have multiple acquaintances by the same name. In another case, you have the number, but you do not remember the names of the persons who you want to know or meet. It used to be a thing for worry in the pre-digital era, but now you can use the free reverse phone lookup services to find out people effortlessly.

It was an uphill task to track a person or phone number in the past. People often resorted to local authorities or other means, which was time-consuming. That practice is outdated now as you can now utilize the free reverse phone number lookup services from the comfort of your home.

The below ten websites employ the best methods to track people through reverse phone lookup technology most reliably:


This reverse phone lookup service provides authentic information, not charging you a penny. It provides you with a complete report of a person’s background. With FastPeopleSearch, it is easy to find someone’s name or run background checks without logging into an account. It has the quickest response time to every search you make. All you have to feed is the person’s phone number or residential address to secure all related information of the concerned person. All these features make the site simply the best. 

One of the easiest reverse phone lookup tools to use is The interface makes searching for someone simple, and the most accurate results are often at the top of your search results. With, you’ll learn about someone’s criminal background, sex offender status, addresses, email addresses, and other phone numbers. To find your information quickly, pulls data from thousands of public records databases. This makes the information accurate, quick to find, and up-to-date.


NumLooker is a unique free reverse phone lookup service to find out someone’s name or other related information, including the activities of a known or unknown person, the person’s full name, family members, criminal records, educational background, etc. A person’s real identity can be found using their service, which is very useful. The users get fast search results that are kept in confidence.


This people-search database is extensively used in today’s business domain. It provides accurate information owing to huge data mining potential, which fetches data from around 6000 data sources. It helps you get an individual’s complete background, including a person’s name, home address, or other records. It also offers you online information like data append or API.


This site specializes in background searches on someone. The data of this reverse phone number lookup application is available in the public domain. The website can be accessed through many other sources with an extensive database. The USP of this site is that a person’s criminal history or other records are readily available here due to court records sources. Thus, one can get detailed and valuable information about a person here.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate serves you with a complete and extensive report about a person, including full name, work history, residential and email addresses, educational background, criminal record, if any, etc. Widely known for its excellent customer service, this completely free reverse phone lookup site is famous for its compatibility with Android and iOS devices.


What else do you need when this free reverse phone lookup service offers you to search over 700 million people on its site? It finds someone by the person’s name or phone number. This site is best known for furnishing the slightest details like name, age, relatives, traffic tickets, sex offense and arrest records, etc. Staying anonymous, you can garner sufficient information about your neighbors, an unknown caller and check your employer’s or employees’ background without logging into SearchPeopleFree.

Spy Dialer

This free reverse phone lookup website has a massive database of billions of phone numbers ranging from VOIP, cell phones to landlines. It banks on public data that feature photos and names of persons. Known for its fastest service and accurate information, Spy Dialer is rated above Google phone number lookup and trackers.


Learn more about a person just by typing a phone number, name, email address, or even residential address using this free reverse phone lookup website. Spokeo boasts of a vast data mine that features 130 million property records, 120+ billion social networks, 600 million court records, 89 billion business records, 6 billion customer records, etc. It keeps its data updated for better search results.


If you require in-depth information about an individual, then there is no other place to go. You get extensive information, including a person’s full name, photos, relatives, property details, email addresses, educational and employment history, criminal records, residential addresses, etc., on FastPeopleFast. It verifies real identity with an advanced system of algorithms. This free reverse phone lookup site furnishes data with 100 percent precision.


It allows you to access billions of public databases using their vast information network. You can look up a person’s personal, financial, and professional history accurately on this site. PeopleFinderFree is a brilliant search engine that assists you in acquiring information with lightning speed. It is a completely free reverse phone number lookup site.

Wrap up

We are in an era where technological marvel and revolution occur now and then. Most things do not seem very distant to achieve if we can grasp them. We often encounter a widespread query if there is a way to look up the phone number free of cost. The wait is over. A list of 10 Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites is here, specially curated for you.

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