Games are important to keep a person healthy and active in his life. There are several benefits of playing games. Aside from outdoor and indoor games, many mobile games are essential for one reason or more. These mobile games are important to building your creativity. You will be able to improve your skills and creativity through these mobile games. They will give you brain-training benefits in the long run. However, to play these games, you must improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in different languages. Seeking help from English Tutors, Spanish Tutors, and French Tutors will be helpful in this regard.

This guide includes the ten most popular mobile games that are reaching their maximum popularity heights in 2022. Read on to learn about these popular mobile games and the reasons for their popularity. So, get started to learn more.

10 Most Popular Mobile Games in 2022:

Clash of Clans: 

Turning out to be a massive success is all that has made this game popular in 2022. In this game, a player destroys and brings havoc to the villages made by other players and then makes its village with all the basic commodities of life.

Genshin Impact: 

This mobile game is one of the best role-playing games. It is open to all people belonging to different races. This game is famous for its ability to let you change the characters on your own. You can select and bring any character to your game at any time you want. You will be collecting things to access the higher levels of the game.

Clash Royale: 

This mobile game is all about two players who used to face each other while defending their lanes and paths. They also get two supporting towers to protect their respective lanes.

This game is simple to play and based on a strategy. A timer is also used in this game that will announce the winner once a player defeats the other in this game.

Call of Duty Mobile: 

The presence of zombie players is making this game more enjoyable to play in 2022. You will be able to play sniper vs. sniper battle mode in this game. This mobile game has recently added a new map with the named summit.

Legends of Runeterra:

This game is known as the best mobile card game in 2022. You will be thinking about what this game is all about. Well, this game brings challenges for the players. One player gets a challenge against the other player at one time. Both the players will be given a variety of cards and other techniques to use to defeat the opponent.

PUBG Mobile:

This mobile game is available for first and third-person shooters. You will love a lot of things about this game, such as the latest updates, concepts of battle royale, mini zone mode, and many more things. It is considered to be the all-time favorite battle royale game of 2022. With time, this game is attracting many people to become addicts.


This mobile game is all about playing different levels. Usually, four players play the game in collaboration with each other and try to get to the highest levels. You will get many new items to improve your creativity and performance. It has strong search and curation features without any major disturbances.


This mobile game is popular worldwide for the adventures you will get while playing this game. It’s all about exploring and discovering colors. You will be tasked with unlocking the different colors to get the maximum points. As a result, you will become able to reach the top levels of the game.

Free Fire:

This mobile game is all about battle royale shooters. Most people use airplanes to loot their desired places. The players use these airplanes to reach their destination to loot their favorite things.

Among Us:

If you are looking for a user-friendly game, you will need to play this popular game. This mobile game is all about the survival of the players. All you need to do in this game is to find the killer that will be one of your group members. If you want some action games, then this is for you.


To wrap up, you can say that mobile games are doing their best to polish your creative skills. You will be able to solve your problems in a much better way. So, choose one of the mobile games listed above for ease and convenience. All these games are popular for their ability to make you addicted. The ever-increasing number of players and users is making them more popular. Still, you will need to work on your different languages to play these games. Well, Amazing Talker will be helping you throughout this journey if you want to play these games.

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