Kodi has become so famous that it needs no introduction. Want to watch movies, TV shows, games or anything Kodi has become a go to-go option. And in this article, we are not going to talk about Kodi addons but will know what is Kodi Wizard and some best Kodi wizards 2019.

Kodi is a free media streaming application that lets you play all your favorite content. It is compatible with almost every operating system and gets you access to the top-notch Kodi wizards across all your devices. Kodi on its own is akin to a vacant house. It requires several addons that drives it.

What is Kodi Wizard?

A complete Kodi setup wizard will typically involve around a set of many builds. As a Kodi user, you can install them with just a single click. The installed wizard in addition also comes loaded with a load of tools that are handy to use.

These tools include the utility function that is capable of helping you with speed test, buffering issues, and installing it for Android devices, etc. You also get certain addons and repositories crowded together in a build.

On one hand, where a Kodi build is something that has massively popular addons, skins, along with the other settings. A wizard is something that usually includes a wide array of builds as well along with everything mentioned above.

Top 8 Best Kodi Wizards

So here you will now see some popular wizards for each platform that are 100% working. They are compatible with all the platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, Firestick, and Kodi Leia.

No Limits Wizard

To start with the most suitable Kodi wizard for Windows we have No Limits Wizard aka No Limits Magic Build. This one is the most complete and outstanding build you will find around. With the help of this wizard, you can enjoy almost everything from movies, TV shows to live TV, etc.

The wizard basically uses builds that include the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo Skin that gets frequently updated. It is packed with several popular addons like Maverick, Magic Dragon, and Skynet. With the No Limits Wizard, you get the top live TV IPTV addons pre-installed in it.

Ares Wizard

Another top contender in the list of Kodi wizards is Ares Wizard. This one is the most famously used famous builds of all the time. It lets you perform different tasks like installing a variety of builds and addons.

Although Ares Wizard is very popular, it has got its alternative as well in the form of Kodisrael Repo. In case you encounter Ares Wizard as shut down, then you can switch to Kodisrael Repo. It has got addons that range from quite popular Covenant to Exodus, DuckPool and so on.

Addition to this, you can also test your streaming speed with Ares Wizard download as well as reset the application to its factory settings. So with Kodisrael you need not worry about streaming your favorite sports, TV shows and movies and games streaming for everything are available here.

Tantrum APK Wizard

Tantrum APK Wizard is specifically designed for Android users. If you are in a search for a wizard that is both reliable and fun for your Android device, then this one is for you.  It lets you watch or stream unlimited content of movies, TV shows, sports, and games.

And just like every other addon, it gets updated on a regular basis to make sure you do not miss a thing.

Community Portal

Another wizard for Android users is Community Portal. For suing this the users get the option to create their own customized builds. You can also expect a decent maintenance section as well as few tutorials to go with it. It can be installed via the Noobs and Nerds repository.

Evolution Wizard

Evolution Wizard is one of the notable Kodi wizards for Firestick. It allows the users to install their all-time favorite addons and builds. The addons are available for live streaming, movies, TV shows, kid’s shows, and news channels.

It is custom-made for family experience and even its very own build is designed to satisfy a family’s entertainment.

HyperTT Wizard

HyperTT Wizard is another such wizard that claims its own build. It includes all the industry-relevant add-ons such as the likes of Pyramid, Bob Unleashed, and UK Turk Playlist among others. This wizard is a monster for entertainment purposes.

Mucky Duck Wizard

Although Mucky Duck Wizard is not that famous but has been around the corner for some time now. It lets you access some of the top suited plugins and builds. It has always been very famous among its fans because it is not specifically designed for Leia.

Also one of its major highlights is that as soon as the new version rolls out, it will be the top pick by users. The streams are reliable with this wizard and if you do not have it then as a user, you are missing out BIG.

Pulse Wizard

Also referred to as a Pulse CCM, the wizard has been around for some time and gets regularly updated.

The skin featured in this wizard is Xonfluence Skin. It brags a simple and a clear layout that resembles that of Kodi Jarvis’ Confluence Skin and features tweaks here and there.

Apart from this, Pulse comes laden with all the latest addon available in the world of Kodi. It features different sections where you can browse for movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports. For a couch potato, it is his wildest dreams coming true since it packs tons of addons for watching loads of content.

In addition to the above-mentioned Wizards here is the list of few more that will help to you.

  1. Man Cave Wizard
  2. Durex Wizard
  3. Wookie Wizard
  4. StreamHub Wizard
  5. Echo Wizard
  6. SpinzTV Wizard
  7. GoodFellas Wizard
  8. Metropolitan Wizard
  9. Maverick Wizard
  10. Kodi Build IL Wizard
  11. Halow TV Wizard
  12. KodiMaster Wizard

Wrapping Up!

Kodi wizards anyway are a better and a suitable option than looking for each addon separately. In the wizard you get all the best add-ons bundled together saving you time and hassle of setting up each and everything.













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