Being visible on Instagram is a challenge. If you have a business that you’re trying to market, chances are you’re using Instagram because it’s one of the largest social media platforms out there and a lot of people get seen through this site alone.

A large part of your profile promotion is getting people to actually see what you are producing. For that, you might consider using services that offer you to purchase cheap Instagram views, which can be very helpful if you want your content to be seen by the masses. In this article, however, we are going to talk about natural ways to boost reach on your Instagram profile.

If you’re tired of wasting your efforts and want actual reach and an engaging audience, continue reading. Everyone wants to get noticed because the more people are seeing your stuff, the more users will want to reach out and form a relationship with your business. Therefore, the main question here is how to get people to actually see you among millions of other posts and profiles.

Instagram seems to be a harsh platform to grow on, as there are so many accounts overflowing the network. But don’t let that stop you from trying, as a thoughtful strategy will eventually lead you to success.

Below, we’ll go over the best hacks to increase the reach of your content on Instagram, boost user engagement, and successfully promote your profile.

Use that Correct Hashtag

Hashtags are very important in the Instagram world, despite seeming like it’s nothing.

When used correctly, hashtags will make your content seen to the broader audience connected to your niche, which will significantly increase your natural reach.

The best way to use hashtags is to incorporate a hodgepodge of the trending hashtags, the specific ones related to the brand or industry, and then the general types of hashtags so you can be seen by as many users as possible.

To find the trending hashtags you can analyze popular content among your competitors and see what’s working best for them, or use special monitoring tools that will show you the best hashtag keywords for your industry.

Using hashtags is a great way to expand your reach, so do not hesitate to use them and make sure to do it correctly.

Work to Engagement

The end goal on Instagram should be engagement, and even if it’s not getting you a bunch of views right from the start, you can still engage with the audience to push your account’s reach a little bit.

Don’t just post and never speak to anyone on your account, but instead, try to push forward for greater product awareness, and engage with the visitors of your page at hand.

For example, instead of posting boring generic sales content with the listing of services you are providing and their prices, try following it up with the text that provokes users to engage with your post. Ask them about their preferences, induce a discussion, and let them know their opinion and feedback really matter to you.

You’ll be amazed at how much more discourse goes on by doing this, and by engaging more, it markedly boosts your reach, which will turn into more people buying from you, and better feedback as well.

Be Timely

When you’re posting content, make sure you figure out when people are going to interact with it the most so you can get as many likes, views, and comments as possible.

Business accounts can see this easily by going to the Instagram insights and checking when people are the most active on your page.

To make a posting on time easier for yourself try scheduling posts in advance. This way you won’t struggle with staying consistent and coming up with new content ideas when you are lacking the inspiration to do so.

There are plenty of tips and third-party apps for scheduling Instagram posts that can help you to stay productive in regular content creation. Remember that consistency is the key in your account’s promotion and it impacts greatly the way users are viewing your page and how much they are interacting with it.

Be Social On Instagram

It’s called a social media site for a reason. You want to be social here.

While you do want to eventually sell your products, don’t be afraid to get a little bit social here. This is good because it does show you’re not just someone who posts and goes.

How can you be social? Try to reach out and talk to other content creators out there, as it makes you seen by their audience and naturally draws attention to your profile. It also makes you look more friendly and trustworthy when people see you communicating a lot with other brands and your page visitors.

You should be consistent here as well and schedule some free time for communication with other users on Instagram daily.

If someone asks you a question, please respond in a timely manner. The moment you ignore someone who is interested in your content is the moment people start to notice you don’t care and might leave you for a more attentive competitor.

When you do talk to someone on social media, be polite and don’t be afraid to say “thank you” when you get a compliment. Engage with relevant posts by leaving feedback and joining discussions, and see how greatly it helps to boost your content reach if you are staying persistent.

While being positive is a must in building a healthy relationship with your consumers, it doesn’t mean you will only get positive feedback on your account. It’s okay to make mistakes and get criticized even as a professional in your field, but it’s the way you react is that really matters.

You may get some negativity every now and then, but instead of getting upset, talk to your audience, ask what can be changed, and let them see how their advice is making your business better. Encourage your audience to communicate with you as it makes them feel valuable and important.

Answering quickly also prevents really bad blowups, and fixes problems before they start getting worse. Remember that your reputation is crucial for achieving good content reach and boosting engagement on your profile.

Shout them Out!

People enjoy posting their own content and love it when others are appreciating and sharing throughout the platform. One way to boost your reach is to give a shout-out to other profiles through a share.

How do you do this? Just press a little paper airplane icon when watching someone’s story or interacting with a post, and from there share it directly to your timeline.

Once that happens, people see you engaging with their content and will definitely pay attention to it. This way they will check you out and might even share you back, provoking their followers to also engage with your content, which will definitely give you a boost in your account’s reach.

Use those Instagram Stories

Speaking of Instagram stories, use them!

Stories are becoming more and more important for businesses, and if it’s not used yet, you definitely want to start doing so now.

Instagram stories can be very beneficial as they let you share things that interest you with your audience, but it is also a good way to link your posts.

Stories have a lot more reach now than they did before. So in order to get more involvement, you can put your products in a post, and then link it to your story. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you get your content known and seen since it does boost your reach immensely compared to posting on the timeline only.

Add Geolocations.

Some people don’t really like to use location due to privacy and safety concerns, but this is actually a crucial thing to use.

Think about it, if you are posting your product with a location added right to the photo, people will get a very direct and convenient representation of the services you are delivering and where they can find them. With that said, use those geolocations to get your business known.

For online sites, you may not use a direct location, but you can figure out a way to link it to your website or mention the address of your office if you have one.

So if you want to directly boost your reach, you can do so through the use of geolocations easily.

Talk to Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools when talking about users’ involvement and active profile promotion.

You may pay for the cooperation with influencers, some of them may do it for free or on barter terms. No matter the conditions, working with influencers is pretty much the best way to get seen in the Instagram world.

Influencers essentially market your products to the extended audience they already have and bring awareness to your account. As the list of their followers is already vast, they can help you to build your own audience, and curate the content that people want to see from you.

The best way is to find an influencer who is genuinely interested in your product and whose followers may fall as your target audience as well. You may find someone popular in the niche connected to your own and make collaborate with them. Offer favorable conditions or free services to them in exchange for advertising and promotion of your business.

This will bring awareness to your brand, create engagement, and will naturally lead to new customers and greater content reach.


One of the newest features of Instagram is IGTV.

How does it work?

First of all, you want to make a small video that’s exciting, not too serious, and really does engage people on Instagram. You also want it to clearly represent your brand idea and convey its message from beginning to end.

Make sure that such content is exciting, clear, and fun to interact with. You can add useful tips about your services to IGTV videos, but do not overload it with boring information and facts, as it is not the main goal here.

A cool way to use IGTV is to post a small version of a clip on your timeline that links to the full IGTV video. Encourage your page visitors to go see the full clip and make sure they really get an engaging piece of content when they see it.

Be Blunt and Simple

The final tip that we have for you is to always keep it simple.

People on Instagram don’t want to sit there and listen to some complicated videos for weeks on end. They want something that’s plain and fun, something that doesn’t include too much technical jargon but also educates them about the brand.

The second thing is to be blunt with your message. No one is going to keep on reading a five-paragraph caption on your post, so make sure to get to the point in a short and clear text.

The best working scheme for a natural reach growth is to consistently provide your audience with the best quality content that has a simple and to-the-point message, while also staying entertaining, fun, and informative.

Implement these steps into your marketing strategy along with the other tips given in this article and see your reach increasing immensely.

Bradley Henris

The high-quality professional (University of Southern California. Certificate in Marketing) when it concerns the online business. Bradley knows exactly how to make the targeting tools to increase the results. He writes the articles and posts them on the different marketing informational sites. His main aim is to pump the skills daily and to improve his specialties (SEO, UX, targeting, CRM, Analytics, email marketing).

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