Office design is challenging, particularly if you are restricted in space as finding office furniture that is the correct size can be difficult. In this article, we will be providing you with 5 tips that you should remember when you begin to redesign your office space.

Increase Communication With Open Planned Offices

Having an open planned office is ideal for business, particularly if you have a medium-sized space to work with as this can help to keep the office feeling larger whilst encouraging open communication. This will, therefore, help your business to run efficiently whilst ensuring a pleasant working environment at all times.

Leave Space For Relaxation

In addition to an open planned office, leaving room for a relaxation area can help you to make the workplace enjoyable for all employees. Whether this is a lunch area with comfortable chairs or a quiet area for those that wish to sit and read, this can all help to alleviate the pressure of the workday and keep your workforce happy throughout the day. Though this may take time, this will eventually help to increase productivity and provide a quiet space for people to problem solve with their team.

The Reception Area Is The First Impression

In addition to the office space itself, it is crucial to ensure that your reception area is newly decorated to reflect the rest of the office. This will not only help to create a running sense of identity through the office, but it will also help to make the perfect first impression. This is important when running a business as the reception area is likely the first impression that many will have of your business, therefore, it is important to ensure that your overall design and office furniture is perfect for you.

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By making sure that all the color themes match as well as including the branding clearly either on the reception desk or on the wall behind, this will showcase your brand in the best possible light without having to spend a small fortune.

Include Brand Identity

Brand identity is crucial for a business of any size, and when designing an office space, it is important to have a mention of your brand somewhere on the walls. This will not only help those that visit clearly identify your office, but it will help your employees to be proud of the company that they work for. Whether this is an artwork on the wall of team events, or it is the brand identity on the wall with a wall decal, this will all help to boost the visibility of the brand and ensure that the office space is a professional working environment.

Natural Light Is Great For A Happy Workforce

When looking to keep a workforce happy there is nothing better than natural light. Not only will this help to lift the spirits of those working in the office, but it will help to reduce the strain on the eyes. Though this is not always possible, having as much natural light as it will benefit your business in the future as it will reduce the cost of bills and keep your employees feeling comfortable all day long.

Whether you are looking to redesign your business in the near future, or you are looking to move office and start again, we are sure that each of these top tips will help you to utilize your space and make the most out of your office space.

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