The world of real estate is a super competitive market. The key to success is getting ahead of the curve and turning to the right kind of marketing methods that make you stand out.

Growing your real estate business is all about getting your name out there and building trust with the local community that you serve. A successful realtor is reliable, honest, and highly knowledgeable, so make sure your potential clients know that you’re the one and only business to turn to in need.

But that’s easier said than done when the realtor market is super convoluted. So here are 6 proven marketing techniques you should implement into your long-term marketing strategy.

1. Network With Other Local Businesses

Networking in your local area is an absolute must. Your community needs to know who you are, what services you offer, and why you’re the most trustworthy realtor. Reach out to local businesses like shops, restaurants, or bars and ask if you can hang poster ads in their windows or display your real estate branded notepads and other products like mugs or calendars.

2. Try Out Paid Social Ads

The power of social media in this day and age is strong. If you’re a realtor who sees yourself as a social media whizz, expand your social budget and try paid social ads. Paid promotion is a fantastic way of reaching new potential customers and promoting your services to a community that’s actually engaged. Instagram is a particularly effective social platform that’s perfect for exhibiting your stunning professional house photos too.

3. Create a Killer Website and Blog

Creating a killer website is another necessity. It needs to look, feel, and function as a high-quality professional site that makes visitors interested in you and the houses you’ve acquired. Incorporate a blog into your content marketing strategy and share lots of optimized, insightful content that’s both helpful and interesting to your target audience.

4. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Never underestimate how effective email marketing can be. Your contact list won’t immediately send your email to their trash if it’s actually valuable to them. Create super engaging emails that showcase your best listings, and remember that it’s best to think outside of the box here. So perhaps invest in virtual video walkthroughs or even state-of-the-art drone photography.

5. Sell Yourself as an Expert

Having expert knowledge of the housing market and your local area will position you as an authority. Find your niche and become the specialist who everyone turns to. Just keep learning! Then share your knowledge with your audience and invite them to take your advice. Selling yourself as the go-to local realtor will lead to selling the houses.

6. Invite Client Reviews

One of the best ways to build trust around your name is to showcase your positive reviews. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool, so share any referrals on social media. Always invite your clients to provide feedback. This way you’ll start to build a first-rate profile that’s dependable and acclaimed.

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