The social media platform that has already taken the world by storm has now been the best digital marketing tool for growing one’s business. Whether it is through organic or paid content distribution, a company can reach measurable results with minimal effort on its part.

One of the main reasons businesses use Facebook as a digital marketing tool is the many users they can reach out to in a brief period without spending a lot of money on advertising. This also helps them reach out to these users on their terms since they choose how and when they want to interact with business content that companies post.

If you are using Facebook as a marketing tool, whether for paid or organic promotion, the following tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts when going after your target audience. Try them out and see if you notice differences in how many people convert from simple clicks to paying customers.

In this article, we are going to give you some valuable tips on how to grow your business with Facebook.

1. Use the Business Platform for Your Facebook Business Page

The first step is to create a business page instead of a personal account to grow your business with Facebook. This helps you create a group of people who can be engaged with your brand, which increases the number of people who will purchase from you or share content from your page through their networks.

You can use Facebook ads to promote your business and generate sales. The targeting on these ads is accurate so that you can create specific ads tailored to your customers’ interests and demographic data. Since the ads are easy to set up and use, you can get more customers.

2. Leverage Your Customers’ Network of Friends

This means that you should use paid advertisements on Facebook rather than relying solely on organic content creation because your customers’ network of friends likely includes more people who are potential buyers. On Facebook, you can create a campaign and target your ads to people with specific interests, demographics, and behaviors to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Your customers’ network of friends includes their family and friends so that you can reach more than just their friends in your social media strategy.

3. Get Your Customers to Promote You

You want your customers to be interested in you so that they share your brand with their network. To do this, you need to provide value to them and engage with them on official channels such as Facebook Fan Pages or business Pages. These channels should always keep the audience engaged and provide interaction.

You can also get users to share your content by providing an incentive such as a discount code or a giveaway. You would want your customers or existing clients to promote you on Facebook, so you can target the recommendations for users who are likely buyers. These customers can share content through their networks and make referrals for you, which could lead to sales.

4. Remarket to Customers Who Have Visited Your Website

You would send ads to your website visitors after they have left the site and visited another page. Remarketing helps attract more customers and increase sales if you advertise with Facebook.

Remarketing helps to increase online sales where it is proven that 60% of customers who had previously visited a website will purchase after seeing it again. If a customer has left your site without making purchases and you continue sending ads to them, you can get them back.

5. Use Real and high-quality images and videos

While the most important thing is to post valuable content, you should ensure that your content is high-quality. The way to see if a piece of content is high quality is by engaging your audience instead of posting it for no reason other than for it to be posted.

You must know what your audience will like and be consistent with it. This allows you to engage more people and get more exposure for your brand because people will start picking you if they can connect with what you have posted before.

You have to post high-quality photos and videos that are also interesting to your audience. But you do not want to force them to like something just for the sake of it because this can hurt your brand. You can create excellent filters with the help of a video editor for Facebook, which allows you to edit and change even live videos the way you want them to be posted.

6. Use Personalized Ads

This is the tactic used by many brands to promote their products or services. Personal ads are similar to sponsored posts, but they allow you to make more targeted suggestions through custom audiences, such as those who have downloaded a mobile app or visited your website in the past.

These ads can also be set up as paid advertisements instead of organic, so you can generate money from advertising on Facebook that generates sales, just like any other medium. On the other hand, sponsored posts allow you to “boost” your organic content, which is an excellent way to gain more exposure.

You can target your ads by age category, such as 18-30, 30-50, 50+, etc. You can target people by gender as well. You will want to target your ads by age and gender if you are selling products or services that either appeal to one category or the other. Others will want to target ads by gender if they want to offer a service or merchandise that is either masculine or feminine.

7. Create Organic and Engaging Content

Some advertisers don’t use organic content on Facebook because they believe it is not effective enough, but this is a mistake. The important thing about organic content is that it allows for interaction between you and your customers, meaning that your customers can comment on a post or share it with their network.

This means you need to create content that your users are interested in rather than creating content that only your brand can benefit from. Facebook users are interested in brands when those brands are helpful and informative, meaning that providing high-quality value is one way to generate sales and gain exposure.

But it would be best if you also were consistent with it so that each piece of content you create provides value; otherwise, they will become uninterested and ignore what you have created. You can try using a few leading video editors for Facebook and similar editing platforms to produce engaging content.

8. Make Your Facebook Page Official and Engaging

You do not need to use a personal account for your business on Facebook, so there is no need for you to create an account for both personal and professional use. Instead, just use your account for work purposes and your business account for personal use.

The way to make your Facebook page official is to emphasize that it is a business page and give users a reason why they should stay on it. You can also use various video editors and similar platforms on the internet to create amazing and unique designs for your page.

9. Use Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a new feature created by Facebook where you can send messages to anyone even if they are not on Facebook. They will receive the news in their inbox, which works similarly to email. Businesses can use Messenger, but this only works if they have a website or online store because they still need to engage with the audience on other mediums such as websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

While Messenger is a good tool for engaging with your customers, you should ensure that it does not mean you have any less work. You must invest in other mediums because Facebook Messenger is still not a solution for all businesses.


There are many other ways for businesses to use Facebook to increase exposure and sales, but the most important thing is that you must maintain an active presence on Facebook at all times. You must post regularly and stay consistent with what you have created since anything that is not consistent is usually ignored by the audience.

You also have to keep your audience interested in what you have created to maintain engagement and stay consistent with everything you have planned for your business.

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