A lot of people have heard of Ludo; this is an old board game but extremely fun. However, its origins and current presence in online casinos are extremely interesting. This game has its origins in India, where it is known as Pachisi. Its origins are not completely known, but the first evidence of this game dates from the sixth century BC. Pachisi is found as a game in one of the traditional Indian fairy tales. 

Later, Pachisi underwent a series of modifications to the pieces, being patented under the name of Ludo. Thus, in 1896, in England, it was transformed into a board game. Today, Ludo has reached the online space and can be played even for real money. In this article, you will find all the information about this exciting game.

How to Play Ludo

For most gamers, online gambling India is an endless source of fun. Here, passionate players can find a great variety of games. One of these special titles that can be found on the operators’ platforms is Ludo itself. Ludo is the perfect choice for a board game in which players can also win real money. 

Now, the online environment and online casinos allow players to enjoy this ingenious board game. This game allows users to try their skills and strategies in different game variants. Ludo can be played by a single player to up to 4 players online. Although the graphics are simple, they are interesting and fun. The mechanism of this game is simple and can be explained in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose one of the 4 colors available.
  2. Roll the dice.
  3. Move one piece at a time, depending on the number of moves indicated on the dice.
  4. Arrive first with all 4 pieces on the home plate to win.

Play Ludo for Free

The Ludo game, like other strategy casino games, requires exercise. Although it seems like a child’s play, Ludo is a game of attention in which every move must be followed and anticipated. For these reasons, the best advice for beginners is to play Ludo for free first. In this way, they can learn and practice the winning methods of this game. 

The free online Ludo game allows players to have fun for hours on end, without resorting to personal budgets. Although this option will not bring players a win, it will be able to provide them with many winning games in the future. In India, sites that offer players the opportunity to play Ludo with other users on the platform also come with a demo version. The demo version is the free one, and it can be accessed at any time from any device.

Real Money Ludo

To start playing professionally, players must ensure that they have adhered to all Ludo rules. Although it seems easy at first, Ludo is not an amateur game at all, especially for real money. Like many other online strategy casino games, Ludo requires a certain set of player skills. On online casino sites in India, Ludo has an RTP of 96.5%. This percentage is not a bad one, quite the contrary. 

With a well-developed attack plan, even a novice player can win a Ludo session. Also, with the help of a game strategy, users can maximize their chances of winning. To start the adventure of Ludo for real money, you must first choose your favorite online casino. Although there are not many online casinos in India that offer Ludo, it can still be found in various variants.

Ludo Rules

Learning and mastering the game of Ludo consists in remembering all its rules and strategies. Thus, new players can advance in a short time and can start playing Ludo for real money. To be as accessible as possible, our experts have prepared a set of essential Ludo rules:

  1. In the beginning, each player rolls the dice, and the one who reaches the highest number starts first. The following players follow clockwise.
  2. If a player hits the dice with 6, this offers the advantage of placing a piece in the entering area. Then he gets another bonus round.
  3. To win and take out one piece in the final position, each of the pieces must go all the way with the white squares.
  4. Also, the number of positions a piece can make is determined primarily by the sum of the dice. If more than one piece is removed, the player chooses which piece to move.

Ludo Apps

For players who want to practice an extended session of Ludo but are not at the computer, online casino operators have a solution. Thanks to increasingly advanced technology, users can now use dedicated online casino applications. They are perfectly optimized so that they can be easily used on a smartphone. Thus, the game of Ludo can be easily accessed from this point of view.

The availability of the Ludo game on a device such as a tablet or a phone allows much greater freedom. That way, players can play an exciting Ludo game on a bench in the park or even with a group of friends in town.

Payment Methods

Depending on the platforms where this game is available, the payment methods differ. In most cases, popular casinos allow users a wide range of payouts or withdrawals. In this way, after a Ludo game is won, the player can choose between at least 4 or 5 withdrawal methods. 

It is important to note for all players that the win processing time differs depending on the option chosen. However, if they want to deposit a new Ludo game, this can be done in just a few seconds. The most popular payment methods of Indian Ludo players are especially Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards. Aside from those, players can choose an electronic wallet, such as Skrill or Netteler.


The Ludo game is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a childhood game while playing for real money that you can win. Thus, using various winning strategies and paying attention to all the moves on the board, the Ludo game becomes extremely exciting. In conclusion, the online casinos that make this game available offer a unique and special experience to the fans of this game.

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