Backpage is a classified different advertising website that became very popular for a very simple reason. It indeed turned out to be the most popular website for trading adult services. Yes, that is right. But with a long-though yet abrupt decision, the federal law put an end to it. After this happened in April 2018 people were well aware of the power of advertising and social websites. They knew that these services can be traded on the internet. 

In the 24 years of its existence, Backpage attracted an unbelievable number of people. It became a structured hub for adult services most transparently and legally. It also started taking feedback from both clients and adult workers so that any unpleasant experience can be highlighted and rectified. However, in 2011, Backpage was accused of female trafficking and related illegal issues. 

After Backpage, there are many other online sites that became a partial alternative of Backpage in 2021. A lot of them were not started with this very motive, but a social media or internet website becomes what people make out of it. So here are 10 alternatives for Backpage. 

backpage alternatives
Sites like Backpage in 2021

10 Best Backpage Alternatives in 2021

1. Facebook

facebook classified ads

Facebook is hands down the most popular website. It is an expensive domain that has played innumerable roles since it was introduced. From an internet platform that represented the social status of users to become the biggest market place to have ever existed, Facebook has done it all. 

Facebook introduced many new features and additions that were due to the scope that the audience provided it. Today, Facebook has over 2 billion users. These accounts remain active as the account can be used to access many other associated or linked apps. 

So whats next? This meeting of new people allowed many healthy and unhealthy relationships to develop and soon Facebook was seen as a potential platform to find dates. There are many instances when Facebook was questioned about being a dating site. But the parameters and technicalities that it holds make facebook more than what any of us can perceive. 

2. OkCupid


OkCupid is a registered dating platform that works in a structured way. This makes it a perfect replacement for backpage. The primary and only purpose of OkCupid is to let people meet strangers and make friends. It demands you to provide brief information about yourself and a picture to authenticate your identity. This opens doors for you to meet potential dates and strangers. The platform is available for both Android and iOS users. 

3. ClassifiedAds


Another great alternative for Backpage is ClassifiedAds. The moment you open this website, you see a lengthy list of categories that it holds in it. These represent the advertising categories that include vehicles, real estate, jobs, housing services, and even professional services. 

You should know that after using the website one shall soon learn the fact that it has ‘personal’ categories as well. This includes casual dating and similar sub-categories available for users. Also, check out the best sites like Textsheet

4. Locanto


People who have used backpage in the past will like locanto because of the interface and functionalities. You will find a lot of similarities in the way it allows you to have ads on the website. While it doesn’t show dating as the motive behind their advertising. 

Especially in recent times, LOCANTO emerged among the best-classified advertising platforms available. It is available in 60 + countries, which makes it available for a much-distributed audience. Just like many other websites that fall under this category, LOCANTO has a very good list of categories available on it. Starting from jobs, furniture, vehicles to personal ads the website has it all. It is also very popular for the ease with which it handles advertising. 

5. LetGo


This is a very elegant website that was founded by the former CEO of OLX. By definition, it is a perfect replacement for Backpage. With the involved key people, it has gained a good userbase in its initial years itself. Its efficient design contributes to the many reasons why it is recommended to users around the globe. 

You can swiftly navigate through to find the list of categories available on this classified advertising website. We are sure that it will serve your purpose. 

6. Oodle


Oodle is among the most useful classified advertising websites. If you are starting afresh then this can give you the proper learning for a lot of things that are trending on these websites. It is capable of providing you the different questions that were asked on other websites. It is serving the same purpose, but the way it works is completely different. 

You see the classified ads run here are based on other websites that map to Oodle. So this is a direct implication of many other websites which will not just save your time but efforts also. You may also like sites like Stream2Watch if you love watching sports online.

7. DoubleList

sites like backpage

Double list has become the most famous alternative of Backpage. It is much preferred by adults and there are many factors for it. It’s probably unbeatable in 2021. But even after the impulsive growth that it got, the criticism is at the same level. People have been complaining about the non-cooperative design and false categories that it includes. But at the same time, it has an equal number of positive reviews as well. So we leave it on you to test a double list for yourself. 

8. Craigslist


To speak in terms of figures, Craiglist has been the best website since Backpage. There are innumerable categories that are listed on this classified advertising website. Standing second in terms of user-base, Craiglist did gain immense popularity as a personal advertising company as well. It was extensively available for adult ads and all the similar features that were provided by Backpage. But in 2010 it had to go through the same law enforcement which resulted in shutting down of those particular features that were bringing its reputation down. Today, it still serves as a very popular advertising platform. 

9. Gumtree


Another amazing alternative of Backpage that has everything you might be looking for is gumtree. It falls short at a simple fact that it does not include personal advertising. However, if you are looking for advertising in the best form that requires lesser efforts to understand then the basics of classified advertising. 

Over the years, it has gained immense reputation in its category of websites and this has also encouraged more users to join the platform every year. Have a look at the best sites like 123Movies

10. Geebo


This is the only website listed that was one step ahead of the law enforcement that it could have faced. The highly-potential advertising platform saw the need for restricting personal ads in 2010 and before things would go out of hands the key people took this sensible decision. All forms of personal ads that promoted unwanted activities were put off. 

Today it is reviewed to be among the safest platforms for classified advertising. It has been working towards the betterment of the features and provide their customers with a better experience. Check out free Sports streaming sites in 2021

Final Words:

Classified advertising will remain at the very top of its capabilities for a very long time. Not only does it make the internet more productive, but if you go on to excel at it you will find the experience to be much rewarding. To sum it up, classified advertising works the way you want it to and this applies to both personal and professional advertising.

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