Mobile devices are ideal for playing casual games, since they are well suited to short bursts of play rather than longer sessions.

Of course there are a huge variety of entertaining and appealing casual titles out there, so selecting one from the hundreds of thousands of options is a challenge.

To help you home in on your next download, here is a quick rundown of the best casual games for smartphones on the market at the moment.

Mini Metro

If you have ever dreamed of re-configuring the transport system in a major city, but would rather stick with your current career, then Mini Metro is the mobile game for you.

The premise is simple; you just need to create the ram, rail and road networks for an imaginary urban area, with a simple interface and upbeat soundtrack making this a joy to do. So long as you keep the commuters happy, you will be on the path to success, and unlike some pseudo-management sims, a typical play session can be concluded in less than 10 minutes.

Jammin Jars

There are a whole host of slot games available for modern mobile devices, and when you play Jammin Jars you will appreciate why this is one of the most popular of the bunch.

Great graphics, attractive symbols and fun bonus features mean that it is a blast to play while on the move, as well as offering a decent amount of variety in terms of actual game play. And of course because it is a slot game, it is super simple to get to grips with.

Two Dots

With a charming visual style and a subtle sense of humor, Two Dots is much more than just your average casual puzzle game.

As the name suggests, your aim is to join up dots of different colors to complete hundreds of levels, with a carefully handled learning curve ensuring that you will never feel overwhelmed by sudden difficulty spikes.


Chess is difficult to master, and yet the playing field is leveled significantly when you take on more skilled opponents in Chessplode.

It is almost a blend of chess and Tetris, in that certain moves will cause the entire column of pieces to disappear, but only if you manage to capture a piece. This makes things far more fun, chaotic and ultimately swift, so there is no need to worry over moves for minutes on end; it’s all about acting fast and having a blast.


With its hand-drawn visual style, brain-teasing puzzles and relaxing tone, Inked is a smartphone game which creates a world you will want to get lost in.

As well as being focused on mind-over-matter style problems, it offers something a little more in-depth than many of its counterparts thanks to the intriguing and emotionally satisfying story that is used as the framework to give context to the puzzles.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

Almost every video game mascot seems to have an infinite runner title with their name slapped on it these days, but this offering stands out thanks to the responsiveness of the controls, the quality of the visual presentation and the variety of the environments offered.

Take charge of Crash Bandicoot or a number of other characters and try to make it as far as you can. This app is free to download, but you may want to make in-app purchases to get the most out of the experience, so it is really up to you whether you splash out on this casual title or save your pennies and simply embrace the free features and functions, whether you play solo or dive into some online multiplayer.

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