Adopting pet dogs and taking care of them had never been easier than it is now. From pet food to supplies, everything can be ordered online on websites such as MyDogSupplies and be delivered on your doorstep.

Most people who love get themselves a dog as a pet do not know which breed would suit their family the best. While this matter can be completely left upon the family consensus to be resolved, there are a few dog breeds that are more suitable than others for keeping as a pet.

According to the CDC, dog bites are actually a greater health risk for children than measles, mumps, and whooping cough combined. “Children endure dog bites more commonly than injuries resulting from playground falls, as well as bike, moped, skateboard, or ATV accidents. Tragically, 70% of all dog bite-related fatalities are children.” – Sam Dordulian, a distinguished dog bite attorney at Dordulian Law Group, says.

These are listed below, but before diving into their details, it is important to note here that the dog supplies vary according to the size and breed of the dog family chooses to adopt. Once a family has decided upon the kind of dog breed they want to adopt, they can view range here. Having mentioned that, let’s have a look at the best dog breeds to adopt as pets.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the sweetest and kindest dog breeds you will ever find. This does not mean that they are shy. They are smart and loyal to their pet parents and know how to protect them when the need arises. They have a very patient nature which makes them really suitable for families that are averse to aggressive dog breeds.


The second favorite on this list is Poodle. Poodles are high-maintenance and delicate dogs. They come in various sizes and the family planning to adopt them can choose the size which best fits their nature.

Unlike the Golden Retrievers, Poodles are very playful and energetic. They also have a tendency to dedicating themselves to one person fully though they are kind to all the familiar faces and other pet animals too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are playful, smart, kind, and small. They easily get along with everyone and do not need high maintenance though the standard maintenance which is required by every dog must be given.

Irish Setter:

Irish Setter is a very social, playful, and family-oriented dog. They suffer from separation anxiety in case they are kept away from their family for long. These dogs need to be played a lot since they have high energy levels and thus, are well suited for families with highly playful and energetic kids.


Pugs are a small-sized breed of dogs. They are more like the couch potato kind of buddies than playful ones. They are not aggressive at all and love eating a lot which is why their owners need to keep their diets in check and eye on them so that they aren’t eating leftover food from here and there.

These couch potatoes eat and the cuddle up with their owners in their laps, not much activity needed for these little ones. However, they do like to play outside once in a while with family and kids.


Following were some of the friendliest dog breeds almost every family can easily get along with. Buying pet dogs is one thing and taking care of them as your own family member is another. Make sure if you buy one, you take good care of them. Proper care includes a variety of factors, including grooming, regular vet checkups, proper diet, and a good pet insurance plan.

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