More often than not we do not understand how vulnerable our privacy is online. This happens even with the documents, photos, and videos that we send through email without reconsidering what will occur if intruders attempt to get to them. Be that as it may, would you wait for such compromise or, rather, adopt a proactive strategy and deploy a security framework so that it doesn’t happen to you?

There are a few apps & services which are unique to such an extent that you can’t contrast it with others, and without a doubt, EPRIVO is one of them, and that is the thing that makes them industry pioneers as well as industry leaders. It is the one of the best private email account service that secures your existing email address and also supports privacy controls vs just encryption. It is also available on all major computing and mobile platforms. What’s more, it has a lot of increasingly extraordinary features; we will get to in just a moment.

Why do I need a private email at all?

Consider it like this; we have kept the entirety of your photos, contacts, private archives, and all the information you have transferred online in a room accessed by the public.

Presently, these locks are easy to break, and criminals can rapidly go into the room and access your information. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you keep it in a private space where you are the one in particular who has its key, it will be significantly more challenging to break in.

Much after all these, suppose the robber enters into the room and may effectively get to all the information; however, not if you convert this information in a coded language, which will make it impossible to disentangle. EPRIVO gives you that private space and scrambles the information for you in fundamental ways.


Alright, presently, you have decided on why you need an email security administration; you need to make sense of which. You may discover another email security administration, yet you’re not going to find one like EPRIVO. It might seem like a gloat; however, it’s anything but a boast when you can back it up. EPRIVO has the accompanying highlights which make it one of a kind and helpful:

  • Email Security

Well, you may think email security is a basic element each other supplier must offer. Be that as it may, EPRIVO takes it one step further; it gives an exciting blend of digital and physical security of your messages where email suppliers likewise won’t have total access to even your encoded data of your private messages.

What’s more, it is the only service that offers security to your current email accounts. Also, the beneficiary need not be an EPRIVO client to peruse your scrambled email. You can likewise decide to privatize the subject, sender, or metadata moreover.

  • Sender based controls

If you are the one dealing with the send button in your email, you are the person who ought to have all the power, as simple as that, period. And that is the thing EPRIVO does; it permits you to call back to any messages you have sent.

You can likewise pick the expiration time for an email, after which the email consequently lapses and is just visible to the sender. Moreover, you can put a limit on viewing and forwarding the information of an email.

  • Secure past messages

With EPRIVO you can make sure that all your messages are privatized and secure, regardless of whether you didn’t have an EPRIVO account when you received it. There are choices so that you can privatize, archive, or encrypt any of the messages you have gotten in the past.

  • Voice-based messages

EPRIVO has additionally added another feather to its golden cap by propelling the first-ever email security administration to support private voice-based messages. EPRIVO again scrambles all the voice-based messages with the goal that nobody can comprehend it aside from the sender and the recipient.

  • No data storage

EPRIVO utilizes segregation of duties to guarantee that EPRIVO doesn’t have any information on its servers. It isolates the email hosting and security provider, which implies EPRIVO doesn’t have your data with it, and it is as yet protecting it.

Other features:

There is a privacy sensitivity meter for Non-Private inbox, session time-out, two-factor authentication, which doesn’t let you enter the application without biometric support (if the device supports it).

There is an assistant carrier which enables you to have email access from a different email provider and gives an automated heads up that you are sending this email through EPRIVO so that they can ask if the receiver faces any difficulty in reading the emails.

These were just a portion of the features EPRIVO offers; EPRIVO surprises us with their customary updates making email security significantly stringent and experience a lot smoother.

Why should I pay for it?

EPRIVO is available for both consumers and companies. EPRIVO offers a 14 days free trial when you join and don’t worry; you need not draw your credit card. In any case, if you want to save your invaluable data or save millions of profits by securing confidentiality in your organization, I suggest you pay for it. The individual plan begins at $11.99/year, and the family plan for five individuals starts at $17.99/year. The company plan is $5/user/month and comes with additional perks. In case you are a US veteran or a beta tester (anybody can be), you can get a private email for free.


We often overlook email protection until a vigorous digital assault or phishing happens, hurting us through our information. You can either secure your data or keep it open out in the open for hackers to abuse it.

EPRIVO is one of the services helping you to accomplish the heights of data protection and privacy. Whether you need to protect information about you, your family, and your work, everything descends to your one choice, think it carefully. Up to that point, keep great care of you, yourself, and your information.


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