You start looking at several career outlooks as soon as you walk away as a graduate from your university, especially if you are majoring in finance. There are endless options and opportunities to explore, and each of them holds a distinguished, more promising future for you. All you need to do in this race is to make sure that you don’t shut the doors to any of them without giving them some thought.

The problem with most people is that they narrow their scope by adding weight to their feet despite having a degree with diverse options. These could be their ambition to reach a particular position or the intent of becoming a member of an esteemed community. But they limit their potential and keeps them from seizing the opportunity right in front of them.

It is challenging not to have a plan or to abandon it on a whim; however, finance is an area that allows its participants with sufficient flexibility in terms of choices. The inability to exercise it to their advantage and ride the flow might leave them contemplating forever. But adapting to developments and responding to the situation for the best possible outcomes is the way to cope with it.

As far as a career in finance is concerned, you can always land a decent job from several exceptional options on the table for you. It can be a desk job where you can enjoy your company, or something more interactive, like the work of an actuary or analyst. Either way, you be earning an attractive amount while doing what you love, without finding yourself at the rope’s end at any point.

To get a better image in your head, here are the best jobs for graduates with a finance degree and postgraduate finance courses. These will help you settle in a role or scratch the surface of more possibilities with superior prospects.


Step into the shoes of a financial planner if you are someone who is an expert in noticing patterns and trends in finance. The job requires you to be assumptive and draw conclusions from crunching numbers and data that you can gather from multiple resources. However, this is the lighter part of the job.

The more challenging part of this profession demands that you convince your bosses and clients of your findings. Inform them of your ideas and reason them into investing in areas you recommend. Expect to build your credibility over time while working with individual investors and multinational organizations by selling them your plans.

Being a veteran communicator can improve your chances in this field, but if even you don’t possess them, it’s still a decent job for graduates with a finance degree to consider.


If an eye to grasp the bigger picture is your specialty and drowning in paperwork doesn’t daunt you, then becoming a financial analyst is the most suitable option for you. Unlike financial planners who propose presumptuous plans, an analyst digs deep into company stocks, bonds, investments, and research these areas thoroughly.

Once done, they suggest the people they are working with a course correction like a financial model restructure, corporate expansion, or mergers. If you want to learn more about financial modeling and mergers, WallStreet Prep has some awesome guides to help you out.

Working in this job means inviting substantial quantitative analyses your way and studying business models for enhancement purposes. However, against it, you can count on an impressive income as a finance graduate.


A budget analyst mainly functions in governmental, educational, business, and social sectors. While fulfilling the duties of this job, you will need to apply your deep understanding of financial policies to draft proposals and plan for projects. Besides that, you will be analyzing the quality of expenses and conduct evaluations if a particular venture is feasible to initiate or continue for your employers.

Serving this role, you must focus on your communication and analytical skills, as you are likely to be in a position of authority. Conducting interviews, involving in discussions, and proposing devised strategies will all fall under your domain. A word of advice would be to prepare yourself for some difficult decisions to ensure efficient use of finances, a task suitable for a finance degree holder.


An actuary takes a leading role at companies and firms that are finance-oriented, like banking, insurance, and accounting firms. Individuals with extraordinary mathematical skills often take up this task and are put to calculating the possibilities of a particular outcome based on data. The next part of their work requires to draw a detailed analysis of that event and evaluate the financial consequences associated with it. If the odds don’t favor a company’s interests, then they avoid entering those waters.

The element of chance involved with this job, so actuaries need to work on convincing people of their findings. That is probably one of the more difficult responsibilities of this work because you can perform the rest by manipulating software for calculations. Be prepared to have all your talents on a test as graduates with a finance degree in this profession.


Going through and analyzing a company’s financial and account statements is the primary task of this job. With a finance degree, you can acquire proficient accountancy skills to help you with them. Learning to evaluate and critique those statements while performing accounting work in any financially oriented company should be a priority. The professional representation of your work before clients and colleagues would be with the help of graphs and charts to make it easy to understand. That sums the tedious role of an accountant at any corporation.


These were some of the best jobs for graduates with a finance degree that offer bright prospects to any individual. Choosing them as a starting point of your career can help secure that comfortable way of living that you desire. Or, it can encourage you to look into more options until you stumble upon the perfect choice. As long as you don’t give up on commanding your professional decisions, you are likely to find yourself settled in one way or another.

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