A lot of times, military veterans can have trouble transitioning back into civilian life, and even finding civilian jobs. Fortunately, military training is so vigorous and diverse that many skills learned in the military are particularly valuable in the civilian world. Here are five of the best jobs for military veterans to look into.

#1: Software Engineer

Software engineers create software programs that meet the needs of their users. Engineering skills are required, as this job requires an analytical approach to designing computer programs. Software engineers must be able to:

  • Evaluate user needs and create the software to meet those needs.
  • Determine which parts of the software work best with the entire program.
  • Devise illustrations that explain code for programmers.
  • Make sure that programs remain functional during software testing.
  • Record important information on what works best for future developments.

Many of these analytical skills are taught in the military and can be applied to software development in addition to learning the basics of computer programming. The median salary of a software engineer is about $100,000 per year, with a 17% projected job growth rate.

#2: Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts’ jobs are highly focused on security to protect the computer systems of major and minor companies. If any threats are detected, then their job is to implement a disaster recovery plan. Other duties include:

  • Supervising a company’s computer networks.
  • Looking into any security breaches or violations.
  • Putting in software programs that protect company information.
  • Overseeing testing that checks for where potential security breaches can occur.
  • Conducting research to create the best security solutions for a company.

Information security analysts can expect to make around $90,000 each year, with a job outlook of 18%.

#3: Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are who businesses and individuals consult when they need professional information regarding their finances. Their list of responsibilities include:

  • Conferring with clients on how to use their funds to meet their financial goals.
  • Advising clients on investments.
  • Researching the market to stay up to date in the finance world.
  • Preparing financial documents.

Veterans who have a background in math can easily transition into this civilian job. They can even specialize in helping other military families. The annual median salary for a financial advisor is around $89,000 with an impressive job growth outlook of 30%.

#4: Registered Nurse (RN)

An RN cares for patients in a hospital setting, rehabilitation center, in patients’ homes, or any other place where professional care is required. Nurses work with physicians, psychologists, and many other healthcare professionals. They will also:

  • Examine and monitor patients.
  • Run tests and create treatment plans for patients.
  • Assist other physicians.
  • Supervise other healthcare assistants.

Healthcare is a huge area of emphasis within the military, so many veterans will find it particularly easy to transition into many different civilian jobs within the healthcare industry. Registered nurses can expect to make around $67,000 per year. The job outlook isn’t too bad, at 16%.

#5: Mechanic

A mechanic’s job is to identify any problems that a motor vehicle may have, and to fix these problems. Mechanics are responsible for correcting vehicle issues that may otherwise cause injury while driving. There are different types of mechanics and different types of responsibilities that come with each type, but pretty much all mechanics will:

  • Inspect vehicles and inform clients of any potential problems.
  • Provide cost estimates for any issues found regarding a client’s vehicle.
  • Log all mechanical work performed on vehicles.

There are many types of mechanic jobs in the military, so this is another profession where skills and knowledge learned will translate smoothly into the civilian world. The median salary of an automotive mechanic is about $42,000 per year, with a job outlook of 17%.

There are a number of other jobs that veterans can easily transition into. The military provides valuable physical and analytical skills that are valued everywhere outside of the military.

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