If you have been following the Billions Season 5, then after watching the weekend’s midseason finale of ‘Billions’, you must be eager to catch more episodes of this brilliant series. However, for now, the season has ended with the Billions Season 5 Episode 7.

Since Episode 7 ‘The Limitless Shit’ was labelled as the “midseason finale”, and for now there is no idea when the other episodes will drop. Shedding light on the anticipated comeback, showrunner Brian Koppelman tweeted, “Tonight is the midseason finale of @SHO Billions.

After seeing the work of Bobby Axelrod and Mike Prince’s rivalry, fans definitely cannot resist wondering what will happen in the next episodes.

Billions Season 5 Episode 7 Review- The Limitless Shit

The last episode of Billions Season 5 witnessed Axe who made a big move. He discovered his adversary has crossed the line. He also got very irritated by the developing relationship between Wendy and Nico Tanner and found a way to destroy it. The way he found to destroy their relationship was at a dinner in the opening scene where Axe was seen with his date.

Meanwhile, Chuck went to frantic lengths for family. Also, Chuck and Sacker manipulated a past friend while Taylor stepped up and took the charge.

Billions Season 5 Episode 8

The second half of Billions Season 5 Episode 8 will return to Showtime after production is allowed to resume from Covid-19.

Have a look at the Promo

YouTube video

Wrapping Up!

Stay tuned on this page to know more about when remaining episodes of Billions Season 5 will return.



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