If you have a keen interest in cryptocurrencies, you must know that they are incredibly volatile. While their volatility is genuinely something to be taken seriously, the network security issue is equally important. While some people argue that the Bitcoin network is safer than even other financial institutions that we are more aware of, there are specific safety concerns that we cannot let go of.

Developed in 2009, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency of its kind and is still considered one of the most popular and widely used digital currencies of all time. Since bitcoin’s inception, many other cryptocurrencies have come into existence, but none of them is as well known or widely adopted as Bitcoin is. However, there are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to the network security issue of bitcoin:

Bitcoin uses various security measures

Bitcoin is run on a blockchain network, one of the most evolved and secure financial services systems that have ever been known. While there have been numerous financial institutions and services known to man to date, only a few solely rely on technology. In essence, blockchain consists of a chain of blocks, each of which consists of data about every transaction that has taken place on this network. Once data has been entered into a lock, it can neither be removed nor can it be tampered with, making it so much more secure. Of all the security means used in the blockchain network, cryptography is one of the most important.

Blockchain uses numerous volunteers who validate the transactions made using cryptographic measures. Thus, it makes the transactions almost irreversible, making the data strong and the network secure.

Frauds still exist in Bitcoin

While the blockchain network cannot necessarily be hacked as all the publicly available data, Bitcoin can be hacked. There have been multiple instances of stolen Bitcoin that has attracted the attention of the global bitcoin community from time to time. One of the most common ways Bitcoins are is attacked through phishing activities. It reveals personal information at all levels, ranging from your social security number to even crypto wallet details.

There have also been instances when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been stolen at transactions through fake websites and wallets. You can even come in contact with malware around bitcoin wallets that may appear as malicious codes and can force your computer to mine cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin network protection

When establishing security deployments to make the Bitcoin network more secure, you must always understand the blockchain network itself. The entirety of the blockchain security model is based on cryptography which keeps your data and transaction safe. It is essential to understand the various risks of investing in Bitcoin, ranging from business rims to even significant government risks. You must also make sure that the private blockchain establishment is taking place within a robust infrastructure.

If the technology is too weak, it can make your data and coins vulnerable to innumerable risks and hackers. Before starting your journey in Bitcoin, make sure to set up a stable blockchain security model. Here are few things that you must ask yourself when debating the structure of your Bitcoin security model:

  • What kind of data will be captured in each block of the blockchain, and how can all of it be secured?
  • What wallets can I trust? Should I rely on hardware wallets or software wallets only?
  • What is my recovery plan in case something goes wrong?
  • How will I keep my pin and password protected at all times?


Investing in Bitcoin with bitcoin champion can significantly impact your financial situation, given that you make these decisions right. However, for most people, entering the digital space is a rather big ordeal and must be done carefully. Do not take unnecessary risks; pass the learning curve of bitcoin trading before you step your toes in this world.

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