Instagram likes are an essential determinant for your visibility and reach on the platform. But can they do more? Can the likes you accumulate on Instagram become a source of revenue for your business? Can likes lead to sales conversions? It may have seemed like a far-fetched idea in the distant past, but the present-day updates on the platform make it clear that you can indeed monetize your social media account profitably for your business. All you need is to think innovatively and execute your marketing strategy with an alert mind, ready to incorporate any changes as and when required. You can look up discussions about the strategy on FollowersID or any other authentic social signal service selling site to understand how to channel Instagram likes into actual sales. If you are curious, here is a quick guide on the subject.

What Converts IG Users into Clients, Collaborators, and Customers?

Social proof. Instagram is not just about staying in touch with friends and family, and the network is also a means for many IG users to keep a tab on services and products that catch their eye. What they look out for are genuine user reviews and recommendations. In other words, this pool of Instagrammers requires your business to be endorsed favorably by one or more of the following categories of fellow Instagrammers:

  • Industry experts;
  • Real-time authentic customers, they don’t know personally;
  • Friends and family.

You may receive this endorsement in various forms. Some may choose to tag you in a review, some leave appreciative comments and posts, some might share your brand details and publications, and some may leave you likes. Getting hearts from the right audience can thus successfully persuade your viewers to purchase from you. The likes you receive from this set of IG users are no less important than receiving an award or recognition from your industry or niche.

What Can You Do to Get Your Instagram Likes to Bring in Sales?

There are several ways to optimize your Instagram presence to attract real-time sales. Here are a few great tips to enhance your brand marketing so you don’t just get likes. You can convert those that like your posts into customers:

1. Get your bio link noticed

When it comes to inserting clickable website URLs, Instagram does not provide you with too much flexibility. One place you can place a working link regardless of how old your account is on Instagram, what your average engagement rate is and how many active followers you have is on your profile page. Provide a link here that visitors can shop each time you post content about your products and services. You can use a general link to your shoppable page or, even better, provide a link that leads to the sales page of the particular goods mentioned or displayed in your most recent post. Do not forget to add a great caption that calls the viewer’s attention to your profile for finding the shopping link. Not only will the viewer who finds themselves attracted by the post like it, but they also are almost sure to visit your profile and click the provided link to explore further details of your merchandise. What you get in the process is engagement on your content, engagement on your profile, and a conversion. You must, of course, make sure that the shopping experience at the link end is seamless and client-friendly to increase the possibilities of immediate sales.

2. Don’t just create posts – create posts with shopping tags

You can add direct links to your Instagram shop catalog onto your posts. All you have to do is tag your photos and videos with the product in them, just like you would tag people or places in a publication. The big difference here is that the tags are clickable links that provide your viewer a direct shopping experience without leaving the app. They do not even have to visit your bio link for this shopping experience. The possibility of your selling products using shopping tags increases significantly as it provides your visitors with a seamless shopping experience. So, they are most likely to leave more than likes on your shoppable post!

Of course, you will first need to create a shopping catalog, and this can be easily done. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step process laid out by Instagram’s Commerce Manager and continue marketing smartly to grow your business!

3. Use influencer marketing to boost sales traffic

If you are on Instagram for professional purposes, you have undoubtedly heard of Influencer marketing. Businesses have been relying on influencers to turn Instagram into a powerful marketing and networking space for their brands for a long time. As mentioned earlier, customers rely on a social proof when shopping through social media sites, and Influencers give you that social proof. Getting a bright spotlight in an influencer’s content will not just bring you likes; it is likely to increase your active follower count and boost sales traffic for your business. It is because, unlike brand representatives and ambassadors, Influencers retain full agency on what they want to say about your products and how they want to display them. They are usually honest in their marketing as they have a trust quotient to keep and raise their followers. So, when you find influencer endorsement, other IG users are more willing to trust your authenticity as a brand.

Note that an influencer may not necessarily be reaching your target audience. If you choose the wrong influencers to partner up with, you may get more likes and engagement, which will boost your Instagram visibility and presence. Still, it may not necessarily translate into desired sales conversions. To optimize your use of influencer marketing, consider reposting and sharing the influencer’s content with shoppable links and CTAs on your own as well.

4. Invest in Instagram ads as a serious part of your marketing strategy

Instagram ads not only boost your visibility ranking but are also designed to increase your reach among target audience pools. Depending on your budget for promotional content, you can determine how complex or straightforward your ad placements for Instagram should be. You can:

  • Create big-budget advertising campaigns;
  • Or turn your existing top-performing content into revenue-generating ads.

So, review your content to see which ones have the most likes, saves, and shares. It is the best way to capitalize on the hearts you have already received. The posts are already famous and likely to register instant brand presence for you. Use this to your advantage further by clicking on the promote post button that appears just below the post and following the directions for customizing them into ads that are sure to bring in conversions. You will be required to specify who your target audience is and how long you need the prompt to run. These parameters ensure that you invest in Ads that will reach the circle of IG users you expect to find clients and customers in. Turn your promoted posts into the ultimate advertising tools by creating clickable shopping tags onto them. Review your sales response on the ads and set another one up soon.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Note that Instagram has a service charge per click conversion, but you have the final say on your budget limits. Also, keep in mind that although you are paying Instagram to boost your reach, you are also saving on creating the ad from scratch!

5. Promote shoppable products in Instagram Stories

If you are serious about cashing upon your Instagram engagement metrics, you cannot ignore the platform’s popular video formats. Instagram Stories is one such space. It is estimated that over 500 million people use Stories every day, so this feature is teeming with potential for revenue conversions. Since Stories appear on followers’ feeds, your primary viewers are already familiar with your brand. Please give them the push they need to purchase from you by creating compelling stories about your products and services.

To get the most out of your Stories, use the “swipe up” feature to send viewers from your Story to a landing page they can shop from. Note that to insert a swipe-up URL, your business account must have passed Instagram’s verification process. The other eligibility for using this feature is 10,000 followers or more.

If you cannot meet these criteria, you can still tag your products and lead your viewers from your Story to your Instagram Shop. Either way, do not miss the chance to create a shoppable link as a Story well-liked by your audience is sure to lead to sales opportunities.

6. Provide excellent customer care services

Do you know what buyers interested in your products but not yet sure about your brand are most likely to do apart from looking up reviews and recommendations on you? They are going to reach out to you for more information. If you see your product videos and posts receiving an impressive number of audience likes, be on the lookout for inquiries in DMs and Comments. Try to respond as quickly and as comprehensively as you can. Keep your conversation tone friendly, professional, and warm. How you respond will demonstrate your business ethics, genuineness, and credibility as a brand. In most cases, your people skills will act as the bridge between simply liking your content and buying from you.

Summing Up

When your Instagram content grows popular and collects more likes, you must act in a timely and professional manner to ensure they do not just remain social media signals. Tap on their potential to earn through Instagram. When cashed on properly, likes can bring you much more than a feel-good factor, and they can be a step forward to bringing in actual revenue for your business. Stay alert and keep abreast of your audience behavior to convert your visitors into consumers. Optimize every aspect of your top-performing posts and create better content keeping your consumer conduct patterns in mind. Likes can easily convert into sales!

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