When a business invests in advertising, it can save time and frustration if they track social media analytics. With this information, companies can see who is interested in their service or product, their physical location, and which social media platform brought them to their leading site. 

Social engagement can be broken down into layers, and each piece gives telltale signs about the client and what stage of the shopping process they are at. Businesses need to do their part to make consumers aware of what they can do for them, and they must help people find there pages and posts quickly and easily in a sea of possibilities inside social venues.


A person might be scrolling through their feed, and something will catch their eye. Once they click on it to learn more, a business now has something to work with. The data that can be pulled from that advertisement, post, or tweet can lead to further duplication if warranted. Companies, like NetBase, can extract social media analytics from many actions. The word or long-tail keyword they searched for is only one example. Other details are what social media program did they come from and what country or region. These facts are essential to know so that you can determine where to apply more effort, remodel, or pull back.


Once you have got some traction, comments, shares, and retweets will add momentum to the project. Today, marketing needs to be captivating, and that could mean a mix of heartfelt emotions, humor, or an engaging story. It is no secret that viral posts can set the tone for a company, but it would be more advantageous to understand the social media analytics behind the trending item and then reframe it into new pieces that are just as popular.


Some social media sites may get a company a lot of traffic but no sales. That is a low ROI, and the way to avoid that pitfall is through social media analytics. For example, if a Pinterest picture is getting plenty of saved activity but very few are clicking on the live link, several things could remedy this dilemma. Perhaps it needs a call to action to prompt the consumer, or an enticing offer, tool, or a promise of more useful information. It may just be an attractive scene or photograph with no real intention behind it. Marketing is about action and driving the consumer to act.


Technology has made commerce review driven. People scan their respective outlets for clues about quality, deals, or experiences. Customer testimonies can be golden if appropriately used to foster more purchases or inquires. On platforms like Twitter, the short phrases need to convey the point immediately and prompt the individual to click through. Each social stage needs to be orchestrated to match the audience’s expectations. Anything too far off what they are familiar with may not fly.


Big data and stats are not useful if they are not woven into a plan. Collecting the bits is the first part, then sorting must happen. Technology mixed with experience has made this refinement process accessible and valuable. Next, details need to be presented in a comprehensive and meaningful way so that executives and staff can see the big picture.

NetBase is a technology firm that specializes in gathering social listening and social media analytics and using these facts to businesses marketing plans. The company points out that return on investment is one goal, but useful data can be collected to refine campaigns and tighten up spending. Some of the tools they use include artificial intelligence coupled with in-depth analysis. With this material, strategic projects can be aligned to hit predetermined targets.

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