Anyone traveling to Dallas, Texas, for any brief period will know that having access to a car rental company is essential. Such companies are always found at either of the two major airports in the city; Fort Worth and Dallas Love. It is at these places that car rental under 25 Dallas Airport deals are made. However, there is a catch to this, as these drivers who are thought of as young will soon find out.

In addition to the general process of renting a vehicle, car rental under 25 Dallas Airport dealings require a little extra for those in the category. From the mandatory documents to the fees that have to be paid. The following is a look into renting a car for under 25-year-olds, according to Carngo research.

The car rental age restriction

In the United States as well as Canada, the legal age for renting a car is 25. The US in particular, has softened its policies, with some states allowing even 18-year-olds to rent vehicles. There are certain extra fees if you are renting a car under 25. The renting rules also depend on each state.

Dallas has followed suit, but the youngest someone can rent a car is 21. This doesn’t come without consequences, as an additional fee is charged if the threshold of 25 years of age is not met. In fact, the closer you get to 21 years of age and away from 15, the higher the added fees will be.

The benefits of renting a vehicle

For those under the age of 25, the added fees that come with the rental agreement can be intimidating. However, the advantages that come with renting a car are sure to put you at ease, and it all starts with the actual price of renting a car.

When compared to public transport in Dallas, renting a car is much cheaper because it requires only one charge. This payment is made concerning the duration the car is in your possession, with insurance and the age-related fee being the only other expenses. All of these things are agreed upon in advance because of how rental services work. This means that any price given is set and will not surprise you. This is unlike public transport, which operates on a per-ride basis, making it far more expensive.

Furthermore, driving a car on your own is much more liberating when compared to using public transport. This is because you will not have to settle for moving about on their time, which can result in being late for whatever you are up to. As long as you have everything needed to rent a car and drive safely, you will find that using public transport is way more stressful.

Things needed to rent a vehicle in Dallas

For those under the age of 25, both local and international, there are certain things that you have to acquire to rent a car. The one that both share is the requirement of a valid international driving license. The difference is that some countries don’t speak English, meaning their licenses have to be translated before proceedings. International drivers can also use international permits as substitutes for licenses.

All drivers will need to pay for the rental services, and in Dallas, only credit cards are allowed. The same applies to the rest of the US, where it is standard. International drivers with foreign bank accounts will have to follow suit, although the process may be slower for them as it takes time to transact across borders.

The final thing of importance is for you to meet the age limit of the city. Every rental company at either of the airports will need to ensure that you are at least 21 years of age. This is done because young drivers are considered inexperienced, which means that added insurance has to be put in place.

Renting and picking up the car

Every quality rental company has a base at the two major airports, and each of them has an online platform. This makes it easier for them to be found and hired. As such, the driver must research all aspects of a rental company, and these include:

  • Type of car and cost per day
  • State of vehicle
  • Offers and additional services
  • Insurance cost
  • A fee paid by drivers under 25

All the above will lead you to a dealer that best meets your needs, and once it is chosen, you can proceed to pick up the car. This, of course, assumes that you have met all the car rental requirements in Dallas.

Additional information

For convenience, a few more things should be brought with you to improve your stay and driving experience. For international drivers, this means carrying all travel documents at all times, including passports, permits, and visas. It is also advisable to purchase sim cards for better communication and to get a car with a GPS to keep from being lost.

With all these things at your disposal, you have to always remember to stay safe as you drive. This will involve learning the road rules in the US, where all driving is on the right side of the road. It may seem confusing, but with some practice, you will be driving soundly in no time.

Final thoughts

Dallas, the large city it is, has always been made for rental companies. As such, these services should always be taken advantage of by drivers, especially those younger than 25. It has been shown that renting will allow you to save far more money than using the often frustrating public transport systems.

All it would take is planning and acquiring every essential element. With these in tow, the fees for younger drivers will seem irrelevant compared to the hassle of public transport. Renting a car is just more convenient, and it isn’t close.


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