Many celebrities have tried dating sites as you did, a little lesser-known guy but much more romantic. Naturally, it is complicated for celebs to meet other people in real life and online dating is an option. Tabloids and other media outlets observe precisely how their search for love is going and share it with us to encourage our efforts. 

Although VIPs usually date the same, some prefer online meet-ups with regular singles. Famous people never sacrifice their personal lives to favor someone’s amusement for free. However, leaks and rumors are about at least one Hollywood actor getting acquainted with a stunning lady on a Ukraine dating site.

Who are those?

Assuming it is probably not the best time for a romance in the field, going online is yet the best way to meet women of some remarkable virtues. So whenever you begin your journey with an online date with a Ukraine cutie, the time is always right with the effective dating service. But let us first look through the list of prominent virtual date fans that do not seem to be lacking attention:

  • Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winning actor and producer have been actively using dating apps since splitting from his long-time girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus. Affleck admitted his online dating experience, although he had once been tempered by the actress Nivine Jay who did not recognize J.Lo’s crush. Instead, she simply unmatched the guy for the whole story to go viral.   

  • Matthew Perry

The Friends star has been getting back into online dating since he called off his engagement with Molly Hurwitz back in 2020. No idea whether the expansion of Matthew’s fan club has achieved any success, but it is worthwhile now. Concerning his app of choice – there is nothing to be exclusively revealed on the matter. 

  • Channing Tatum

US Weekly announced in December 2019 that the actor was on the dating app after his breakup with Jessie J. According to the source, Tatum’s profile honestly mentioned his stripper’s background. Today,  Magic Mike is dating Isabella Kravitz, an American actress, singer, and model.

  • Ashton Kutcher

The actor was one of the first to join the matchmaking app Tinder back in 2014. However, in July 2015, Ashton Kutcher married his two decades known co-worker, a famous actress with Ukrainian roots, Mila Kunis. Now the couple raises two kids, having built a great union from their relationships.   

  • Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry’s beau has once admitted using Facebook to set up dates online. There had been thousands of females loving to go out with  Legolas sometime, but he eventually ended up in his familiar sandbox with a gorgeous Katy. Bloom obviously used his stage name to catch up with cuties, but did you wish to know this secret?

  • Zac Efron

A guy from the Forbes Celebrity 100 list definitely has a herd of hot women racing against each other in a chase of a star’s wink. Some rumors have been going around saying Zac has a robust user experience with a multitude of online dating services. If that is true, start searching for a meek Ukrainian girl with a supermodel; look at GoDateNow is the way to go for this stud.

Why do stars prefer dating online?

Any lonely soul, especially a successful one, looking for love online at some point realizes that finding someone with equal or higher priority is a game of chance. Nevertheless, plenty of refined pop icons proactively seek to change their ivory tower for a large and noisy family home. The solitude of a famous personality is especially absurd, either compulsory or voluntary. 

Hence, merging independence of thought and action with a will to embrace collective happiness in a couple is nonsense. But, at the same time, it is the identity and potential of Ukrainian singles for the distinct articulation of family aspirations. And that knowledge might increase your faith in online dating and GoDateNow in particular. 

Any smart dating app offers a pool of singles wanting the same sort of relationship you do. It seems like just a few clicks separate you from seizing your potential destiny. First, however, you should clear the decks for a relatively long game to make the search a cinch. 

So what is the difference in online dating approaches between the two disparate individuals – a world-known hunk against a no less egocentric guy in baggy jeans next door? Not a big one. The principles are the same for any gentleman searching for a lovely lady.

Here they are:

  1. Work on a wish list of virtues you are looking for in a partner. Then, the quiz your favorite girl sets up for you will flow smoothly when the time comes. Nobody wants to pursue a deadlock with someone unsure of what they seek. 
  2. Your pretensions should be defensible on the grounds of truth, as it will come out if the relationships work out. Be yourself right from the beginning rather than playing the fool in the end. Relationships based on lies will ultimately fail.
  3. Find a worthy woman and make her your regular; invite her to chat and hang out for a while. It is the most efficient way to learn about her life piece by piece daily. Indulge yourself in climbing into her mind with more thoughtful conversations, though.
  4. Do video chat for a month or so – no haste will move you closer to your goals, so take your time. The process will be fully effective online once you are sure your sweetheart is the one and only. Then, meet up with her in chat until you are ready for the next step.
  5. Ask her out for a date somewhere in a public place, like a restaurant or theater. Do not say a word of love until this feeling for her grows deeper. And you do not have to be an A-list actor to demonstrate it non-verbally.   


All of this to say, dating in Ukraine is nowhere different from dating on the Hollywood walk of fame as long as it is maintained in a trustworthy web environment. So could you really fall in love with a girl looking like a movie star online? Even though love is blind, especially at a distance, chances are increasing probably every day the two of you meet up in chat.

The potential of online dating is still highly underrated since many dating websites are not intended to expand the social circles of singles. However, the modern dating industry has left behind the ordinary dating space it used to offer. So if you are ready for committed relationships, look no further than GoDateNow – the world’s most trusted social network for singles.  

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