In case you are looking for how to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV then you have landed on the right page. Many of you might not be aware that Kodi was earlier known as XBMC thus proves to be an excellent home theatre. If you have got a smart TV with a great display and brilliant sound quality then Kodi is what you need. Kodi is basically an open source software that holds tons of movies, songs, videos, and images just to make your leisure time more entertaining.

So if you want to experience all the combining features of Smart TV then the best streaming site is Kodi. Therefore you should now start considering setting up of Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Features of Smart TV when Synced with Kodi

There is an increasing demand for Smart TV for you can add apps with ease and watch the latest video content. Some of the features of Smart TV when syncing with Kodi are-

  • Watch Free Movies
  • Watch every latest episode of TV Series
  • Watch Live IPTV Channels from around the world
  • Watch PPV Events live
  • Stream Live Sports and Sporting Events

VPN for Kodi for Privacy concern

Almost all the streaming sites along with Kodi streams the pirated content like movies, TV shows, Live Streaming Videos, and other PPV Videos. And watching the piracy content is illegal that you may end up blocking your IP address by your ISP. Therefore if you want to avoid being in trouble and safely use Kodi and Kodi add-ons, then get Kodi VPN. By using VPN you can unlock blocked content and watch anything on the Kodi anonymously.

Does Kodi on Samsung Smart TV Runs on Android OS?

Kodi Media Player and Samsung Smart TV both are trending in entertainment industry and technology in entertainment. Kodi users must be aware of the fact that Kodi software or Kodi App is available on Google Play Store. And it requires no effort to install Kodi on Android devices. So to get Kodi installed on your smart TV, one must remember that your TV should have a running Android OS. However, since Samsung Smart TV’s is not supported by Android OS. So technically, one cannot install Kodi directly on Samsung Smart TV.

Overall, it is also not necessary that software needs to be Android only. Like Samsung uses Tizen software on its smart TV and hence the installation of Kodi on these TVs can also be done easily. Users get to use Tizen OS for Kodi Samsung Smart TV, which is also a great OS to use.

In addition, you get a feature called Kodi Builds on Kodi that provides you with the variety of great add-ons only on a single build like Titanium build Kodi. One can also use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV by using Chromecast and USB.

Features of Samsung Smart TV

There are some phenomenal features that users can enjoy using Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

  • Smart voice control features
  • Ultra HD Video quality
  • Pre-installed streaming services
  • Screen mirroring option

Download and Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung, as I told you, is powered by Tizen OS and hence there is no direct way to download Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV. But there are few alternate ways to enjoy the experiences of Kodi Media Player on your Samsung Smart TV. Best of them are listed here with instructions and guide.

Method 1- Kodi for Samsung Smart TV Using Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that enables users to stream media content on their TVs while running the streaming application on their mobile phones. It is a really handy tool used for streaming purposes.

Step 1- Firstly make sure your smartphone and your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the same Wireless Network.

Step 2- Your Smartphone must have Kodi installed on it. If you are an Android Smartphone user then install Kodi from Google Play.

Step 3- Once Kodi is successfully installed on your Smartphone then almost half of the work is done.

Step 4- Now install Chromecast on your Android Smartphone using Google Play Store.

Step 5- Click on the app to install and wait for the downloading and installation to get complete.

Step 6- Now connect Google Chromecast Stick to your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 7- In your Android Smartphone Google Home App, click on the option of Cast Screen/Audio.

Step 8- Once it is done you can now view your Mobile Screen on your Samsung Smart TV.

You can now finally open Kodi app and Stream Multimedia contents and enjoying streaming.

Method 2- Kodi on Samsung Smart TV with Roku

This method involves the use of Screen Mirroring option available on Roku Player. Since Kodi is not available for Roku Player also so you need to learn how to use Screen Mirroring option on Roku. The procedures for Kodi on Samsung Smart TV is for Roku 4 and Roku 3.

Step 1- Firstly the smartphone or PC you are going to mirror should have Kodi installed on it.

Step 2- Smartphone and Roku Player both should be connected to a common Wireless network.

Step 3- Now go to Roku Player Settings and System. Proceed into Screen Mirroring and finally proceed to Enable Screen Mirroring option.

The Roku Settings are as follows-

Roku Settings—>System—>Screen Mirroring—>Enable Screen Mirroring

Step 4- Finally install any Mirroring app on your PC or Smartphone and connect both of the devices.

Once the connection is established, enjoy the complete features of Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Method 3- Kodi for Samsung Smart TV Using Android TV Box

The Android TV box method is one of the easiest ways in which you can sync Kodi with smart TV.

Step 1- Connect your Android TV Box to Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2- Open Play Store. Search for Kodi app in the Search bar.

Step 3- Once you find the app click on it to install it.

Step 4- Once the Kodi is downloaded then it will get installed automatically.

You are now ready to use.

Method 4- Setup Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using USB Drive

Kodi users can use the USB stick for installation of Kodi by following the steps given here.

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- Click on Download from the top menu.

Step 3- Then click on Generic Builds. Click on “[Stable] OpenELEC 8.0.4 (x86_64) > Disk Image”.

Step 4- Download Win32 Disk Imager and launch it.

Step 5- Now choose the drive where you want to install OpenElec.

Step 6- Finally browse your system and open the downloaded Disc Image OpenElec file.

Step 7- Click on Write. Then wait for the Installation to finish.

Step 8- Restart your computer and make sure your USB drive is connected.

Step 9- Enter the BIOS settings. Boot from the USB drive.

That’s all and you are done. Now enjoy streaming movies and video content on your Samsung Smart TV using Kodi.

Wrapping Up!

Samsung Smart TVs support great features and syncing with Kodi will further enhance the streaming experience. Although there is no direct method available for installing Kodi Samsung Smart TV because the OS that it runs on its is Tizen OS. Nevertheless, I am sure that this guide on how to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV will be beneficial to you. For any other help feel free to write to us.

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