People use emails in their everyday lives to chat and communicate with each other. Moreover, emails are also highly used in business and customer communication. For example, in business, emails are a way to attract customers’ attention to new products or get new potential leads.

Yet, it can be difficult for a business owner to write and format emails themselves. It is necessary to have great design skills to know which style to use in your email. For this reason, many business owners today use email templates that are ready for you. Such templates provide ready styles you can choose depending on the purpose of your email. They can be used in hot and cold emails.

A cold email is an email sent to a customer or leads you have not communicated with yet. For example, they may not have ever bought any of your products or thought of working with you. Or they may be the previous customers you have not stayed in touch with.

Cold email templates are designed for a business order to design an email to send to customers for the first time. The templates provide a style of a simple cold email. Yet, each of them has necessary modifications depending on the email’s topic and purpose. Any good cold email template has a vivid subject line that attracts attention. You also need to provide clear and easy-to-understand text that emphasizes your message’s main points.

Cold emails can also be used for communication between businesses, and they are the main point when you start talking. Useful templates make the communication process faster and use a personalized approach to each customer. In this article, we will look at the best cold email templates you can use in business.

The Best Cold Email Templates

Here is the list of the best cold email design templates:

1. Standard cold email

This standard cold email type does not have any specifications and is used in a formal email. In such an email, the first paragraph is needed to introduce yourself and present your company part of which you are. Then, you need to introduce your main product and talk about who you want to communicate with. You should also present why you are writing the email and why you think this person will suit you best. You can also suggest the best method of communication and say that you are waiting for the response.

2. Authority-building email

An authority-building email is designed to help you build authority and trust from your companies or co-workers. It attracts customers’ attention and makes you an interesting company for them. You should start such an email with an introduction of the main problem and other related problems. Then, make a connection between your company and the one you are writing to and talk about why this connection can be a solution. Then, ask the company leader for a meeting where you will discuss the solution to this problem in detail.

3. An email talking about a recent event

This type of email attracts the attention of your addressee by talking about a recent event interesting to both sides. The event should be one of those happening to your addressee, and you should show your acknowledgment of it. You should congratulate the addressee on the event and present your detailed salutations. After you have shown your interest, you should state how you can help the company promote this event. Talk about the benefits you can offer to them. Then, you can ask the company’s leader for a conversation about the event and the new solutions.

4. An email talking about a company’s product

This cold email template is necessary to emphasize the addressee company’s time and resources. You should show your awareness of their investments and which resources they value most. You should start this email by discussing the company and its main achievements. Next, you should state the number of years the company has operated and what you like about it most. Then, talk about one point which can be a struggle for the company. After this, you should present your offer to the company and discuss why it benefits them. 

5. Sales email

This email template allows you to show your products to your potential customers. First, you should introduce yourself and discuss how you found the company’s contacts. Next, you should state that this company can help your team develop in your organization and why. Then, you should state that your product can help the addressee company in their work. You should also provide relevant reasons for that and the benefits of your product. Then, you should offer a call or a meeting where you can discuss the product, and you may sell it to the company.

6. An email talking about your company’s benefits

This email template allows you to introduce your company and present its main benefits. In the first paragraph, you should say why you contacted the company and how you found their contacts. You should have a clear purpose that is easy to understand for the company’s leader. Then, you should say that the company can help your organization. Then, you should list the benefits and features your organization has that could be interesting to the company. Finally, offer a meeting where you will tell them how their company can help your team in detail.


To sum up, emails are a great way of communication between companies and potential customers, and co-workers. You should use cold email templates to create an attractive cold email. There are six main cold email templates that could suit any situation. They include a standard cold email, an authority-building email, an email talking about a recent event, an email talking about a company’s product, a sales email, and an email talking about your company’s benefits.

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