Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might be showing its age, but it still attracts plenty of players. In February 2023, an estimated 1.35 million gamers were playing concurrently. While there’s a continued appetite for this first-person shooter, the end might be in sight for CSGO. Why? Valve is finally making good on its promise of a sequel, with Counter-Strike 2 penciled in for a summer 2023 release.

What Can Fans Expect?

Counter-Strike 2 has only recently entered its Limited Test phase, but there have been plenty of teases about what we can expect. Valve has been pretty open about the fact most Counter-Strike maps will be getting a makeover. The Source 2 game engine is finally being put through its paces, with many existing maps being upgraded with new lighting effects and rendering. However, other CSGO maps will be getting a complete overhaul. Expect new obstacles, improved textures, and much better graphics. Meanwhile, some fan favorites, like Dust2, are being largely left intact.

Sub-Tick Updates

In the past, many Counter-Strike players have run into trouble when running the game at lower tick rates. Thankfully, Valve is introducing sub-tick enhancements to the sequel, meaning that the tick rate will have little impact on gameplay. How well this will work in practice remains to be seen, but it’s certainly good news for players who

In the past, low tick rates have caused issues with Counter-Strike matches. Those using a CSGO server with a low tick rate often have a slight advantage, with the slow response time letting them sight the enemy before they are seen. This doesn’t make for a level playing field and causes disparity in CSGO scores. The sub-tick update promises to resolve that issue and more. In short, the tick rate will no longer impact throwing, firing, or moving across the map.

New and Improved Weapons

One of the biggest draws of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is its ever-expanding arsenal. However, some basic items have been crying out for an upgrade for several years. Smoke grenades are a good example of this. They’re an incredibly useful tool for any Counter-Strike player, helping teams move across the map without ending up in the scope of an enemy player. However, they don’t respond to the in-game environment particularly well. Counter-Strike two promises to include responsive smoke grenades. Once deployed, grenades interact fully with the map environment, expanding around corners and eventually filling enclosed spaces.

What About My Existing Inventory?

If you’ve invested heavily in your CSGO inventory, you may be reluctant to jump to Counter-Strike 2. The good news is that you can bring your existing arsenal and inventory over to the sequel. All those goodies you’ve unearthed from case drops can continue serving you well for years. They’ll also look better than ever due to texture enhancements and lighting improvements.

When Will Counter-Strike 2 Be Released?

Although a sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been teased for many years, Valve only made a solid announcement in March of this year. Currently, a summer release is the most likely. In the meantime, the beta test is ongoing, with participants free to record and share their gameplay. If you’re looking for a taste before trying the sequel yourself, you’ll find plenty of gameplay videos on YouTube.

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