Bring this Garmin GPSMAP 741SX with you on your fishing adventure! The 7-inch multi-touch WVGA screen has a sleek casing to be placed flat or flush mounted.

Garmin GPSMAP 741SX

It intergrates a 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver which refreshes your position of up to 10 times a second. As such, the constant on-screen location is extremely accurate and allows for precise marking of waypoints and navigating. GMR 18HD Radar boasts an advanced echo pulse optimizing technology for higher definition and improved target separation to your digital radar picture.

Designed with a processor which is 60% faster as compared to earlier models, it has WiFi to couple it with BlueChartMobile and other apps. It includes both US coastal and lake cartography. The SX model also further features 1kW of HD-ID sonar technology and also a 600W Garmin Spread Spectrum CHIRP capabilities. This CHIRP technology was only previously available in the GSD 26, a black box which is more expensive than the whole 741SX itself! With the CHIRP transducer, the GPSMAP 741XS displays clear sonar images to find you your fishing spot, ship wreckage or diving location at extraordinary depths. Fine-tuning of frequencies allow you to find specific fish of a certain species of your choice. Contours of the sea bed are more visible and supressed signal noises provide safer navigation and fishing experience.

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